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How To Design A Brand Identity

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The first seven seconds is enough to get the impression of a certain person, on the basis of their external characteristics. Therefore, the detection and definition of our competitive advantages is a very important component in our daily interactions with others. In order to discover them, we must ask ourselves the following questions: what makes me better, special and more original than the other? In the infographic below you can find out how to design a good brand identity: 

brand identity design basics infographic

The brand identity, for the customers, is the visual recognition of company or product. A good brand identity is a basic starting point for good marketing. Visual identity, if properly designed and manufactured, communicate directly to your customers.

Brand identity is a collection of all aspects of the company, or organization, recognizable and consistently represent through all means of communication and not just to customers, partners and investors, but also to its own employees. Generally, brand identity expresses the characteristics of the company and its values ​​and ambitions of the business.

We can distinguish four functions of brand identity. Three of them are oriented towards customers and partners, and the fourth to its own employees:

  1. It provides a company or organization, its “visibility”. For nearly all businesses and non-profit organizations, it is vital that as many people are aware that the company exists and to know its core activities.
  2. The brand identity represents the company to customers and partners, and therefore contributes to the company’s image and reputation. Generally accepted opinion of experts is that there is a connection between the brand identity and the company’s reputation – it has a significant impact on corporate reputation.
  3. It expresses the structure of companies, visualizes its coherence, as well as relations between its parts (various parts of the company, various products, services, marketing campaigns …).
  4. The company’s brand identity plays a significant role in the identification of employees with the company or department of a company where they are employed. Identifying themselves as part of the company in which they work is important for the employees, for their productivity and loyalty to the company. A brand identity here plays a very important role (eg. How the workers feel in the company’s operating divisions, will they in their free time be happy to wear hats or T-shirts with the company’s logo, etc.).

Your brand identity is what leaves a first impression on potential clients, partners and investors. No matter what you do and how you do it, without a well thought out brand identity will be difficult to stand out from the competition.