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How to create content that people will share?


How to create content that will be shared through social networks? What content is usually shared on social networks? How to become a community manager? Oh well that it not so easy but we’ll try to explain how to create and attract the attention of the users on Facebook.

The Internet is loaded with tips on how to create engaging content on social networks and how to achieve that fans share it. In addition to the valuable content, for example, you should concentrate on the technical and management features, such as which time of day is best to publish something, how many characters should your post contain, to communicate with fans and develop the skills and the like. Of course, all this is useful, but it can be absolutely useless if you do not know the social foundations and how the community works.

To achieve the interaction and sharing of content, it is necessary to find out what motivates people to buy something or take someaction. For example, you have restaurant fun page –  to encourage people to like and share, with photo of your meal write something like ‘Are you hungry?’.

How to create content that people will share?

Writing content everyday for different kind of people is not an easy job. There are four main reasons why people talk: they want to unburden, want to build a relationship with someone, help others and build their identity, and most often they do it with their loved ones – even online. They’re talking about personal experience, other people, their environment and the feelings, rather than about the facts. When these items move in the online sphere and create content that meets these requirements, then it has a chance to become accepted by your audience and spread viral.

Today users can connect, share reviews on the brand and their experiences. Anyone who wants to be noticed and appreciated by its customers, must constantly offer more than the product itself. People like some brand because they are in some way identify with it because it contains some features that users appreciate (comfort, affordability, quality, strong social engagement).

By creating useful and very interesting content that people love to share, you gain access to a network of customers. Finally you could open a treasure chest. There is no better marketing than the recommendation of a friend, family member or friend because when writing content you need to have in mind to make one that people will want to share further while bearing in mind that you should be nice and kind.

What to write in order to attract attention?

First off all, everything has to be useful for your fans. This means that the content you create has to be relevant and your potential customers must have some benefit from it. Put yourself in the role of customer, what would attract you to purchase or like of facebook content or some topic? Now to try to present the same. Content can be fun but keep in mind that everything has its limits. It would be desirable to conjure up some information that is new or tell through a different perspective so that they can learn something and get the “this was useful” feeling.

Then make the content shareable, it must be in a format that is easily shared. Make it easy to edit and comment on, people like to share their opinion. If your content make them laugh, cry or they learn something new and valuable they will want to share that experience with others. And be nice, your credibility on social networks tells a lot about you.

Below you can check infographic which shows how to create content that people will share and 3 type of content that people love to share:

How to create content that people will share