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How To Create an Effective Marketing Email


We believe that at the present time most of you have received a number of e-mail newsletters. But how many of you send it, creates and thus serve information to the users / customers / business partners?

Email newsletter is a great tool of direct communication that can play a significant role in your business. In this article we will explain the basic meaning of e-mail marketing, why you should send the newsletters and what are its advantages. And also below that you can check the infographic that will teach you how to create an effective marketing email.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the channels of direct marketing that allows direct communication with the end customer / user and using techniques such as e-mail newsletter. Email newsletter is an electronic commercial message sent to a group of people (the list of subscribers) using e-mail service. These emails must have quality and useful content that can be informative, promotional, sales, or educational type.

Why you should send marketing email newsletter?

Email exceeds all other promotional and communication channels, just because draws the biggest attention of the person who reads the email. In addition, it serves to maintain constant contact with the existing customers / users by sending notifications about the new offer of services or products, promotions, discounts.

What are the advantages of e-mail marketing?

In the email marketing message arrives in the inbox of the target audience, which enables businesses to communicate directly and build or maintain relationships with current and potential customers. It is measurable, you can track who opened the newsletter, when he opened, where were he clicked … The process of developing is simple and cheap. Newsletter also can be customized for viewing on smartphones and tablet computers (responsive design).

How to write the content for the newsletter?

Segment your list of email contacts, and customize content to its intended readership. To newsletter be dynamic and interesting, divide it in different categories of content. In paragraphs concisely answer on this five questions: Who?, What?, Where?, When?, Why?. Use interesting subtitles. If you need somewhere to present more details link it to your website with more information. Email marketers need to focus on creating email content that’s not only helpful, but also memorable and shareworthy.

So, that was brief explanation of email marketing and its advantages, and now check out the infographic about creating an effective marketing mail. Even if you are already an email marketing pro, you may still be able to pick up some ideas: