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How to Build Website in 2015


The world is changing, and and web design is constantly changing. Technological progress provides greater opportunities. Faster networks and modern devices increase efficiency in the world of web design. The number of people connected to the Internet for the first time surpassed the three billion users in 2015. That is 40% of the world population!

1) The rejection of non-essential elements of design in favor of simplicity

Colorful pages with lots of pictures of different sizes, a bunch of animation, vivid colors and background images incorporated in a single unit, where it is more difficult to observe the essential elements, began to disappear with a new goal: simplicity.

In relation to this, on the one hand websites can begin to resemble one another. On the other hand, the result will lead to a simple and user-friendly website. Users will always feel comfortable to know how and where to move. Professional web designers will have the opportunity to stand out from the growing mass of DIY web designers.

2) Material Design – growing popularity

At the end of 2014, Google launched its new style language called Material Design. Thanks to the Google guidelines of graphic designers, it is now possible to easily create innovative graphic interface. Through the reflection of light, the use of shadow effects and the constant movement of objects, images on the screen appear more realistic, as if they were created from the actual physical objects, rather than “cold” pixels.

The originally Material Design is “made” for Android, but has now become one of the most influential modern trends in web design.

3) Web design and loooong scrolling

The trend is to create long scrolling pages. Users often like to browse the site by moving up and down on the page, rather than leapt between them. Web pages with little content in whole tend to be One page, a web sites with a large amount of content just apparently looks like One page and have links that lead to its other sites.

4) A picture speaks a thousand words

It is important to devote enough time and invest in this important part of the development of web projects.
For years, web designers have used photos of low quality, to the moment when appeared a websites specializing in the sale of high of quality photos.

Now, when images are at the heart of web design, with its great power of suggestion and communication, they absolutely have to be high quality and focused on the concept. What website gives its uniqueness and that is different from thousands of other similar templates are unique and beautiful pictures, photos and videos!

5) Greater emphasis on XXL  typography

Forget the font system! The human eye does not read, if not attracted to the proper allocation and quality font. There are a myriad of free platforms that allow the use of free fonts, without adding too much weight to your site. No more excuses, typography has to be considered in all aspects as a crucial part of web design.

6) Responsive Web Design

The very thought of the incredible increase in the spread of mobile devices and the expansion of the Internet, it’s not offered the option to choose whether we want to have a website customized for different mobile devices. All is clear.

It is necessary to stay ahead of the curve: be consistent with the present, but to look back into the past. A particular challenge of successful web designers is to be up to date with trends. Have the capability of recovering the most popular design trends and bring them to life in the future.

Below you can check infographic which will show you How to Build Website in 2015 :