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How Angry Birds Franchise Was Born

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There’s no chance you never heard of Angry Birds game for mobile platform. Do you ever wonder what is the story behind this gaming phenomenon? Millions are playing this game every day and the question still remains, can this game become more bigger than legendary Mickey Mouse? Let’s go more into details of how Angry Birds franchise was born. It was app launched by Rovio Entertainment in 2009 for future tablets and Apple smartphones only. Basically what you’re doing in a game is catapulting different birds into funny pigs. The game concept and characters looks were created by Markus Tupperainen, Petter Urbanics and Jaakko Lisalo. Angry birds gained such a big and quick popularity over the few years that it had saved Rovio Entertainmeng company from going bankrupt. When those 3 started they never perceived it as something special or too much fun. Even though Angry Birds are most popular app on iPhone platform , over time Angry Birds were recreated for different smartphone platforms.

The story of Angry Birds

The original and first version of game has more then 50 million downloads till now. Rovio Entertainment has made hundreds of millions of dollars. Angry Birds actually has a story. And the story is based on the idea that pigs have been stealing eggs from birds thus making them really angry, to the point where birds are catapulting themselves to destroy both pigs and their constructions. The game has more then 200 million minutes of playtime every single day which is very close to number of minutes that people in America are spending while watching their TV. There are even versions of Angry Birds developed for consoles such as Xbox, Playstation and also Wii. There are even toys of Angry birds in production, but what for me more interesting is that the movie about them is released so if you can, be sure to watch it as it is really funny. Through the years there were many mobile games released but not a single of them achieved such success and talk between the players.

Why does everyone love this game so much?

Simplicity of the game is why Angry Birds franchise is so popular. The game of you basically doesn’t seek any kind of mastering of controls. When the game starts on your phone there are almost no instructions how to play, even a kid could figure out how to play. But, the game is not only about that. As you progress in a game you will figure out there’s a bit of science involved along the way. Some birds for example are more effective then others when you catapult them. Today, there are many different versions of Angry Bird game and you can see lots of people playing it when they are bored, especially students in the schools when sitting through whole class lecture. The company which created Angry Birds had also tamed up with  big movie franchises like Transformers and Star Wars world.

I’m not gonna lie, I have to be honest that I’ve played this game a lot when it came up first. Angry Birds are game everyone can play, no matter what age you are. Addicting levels, cute characters and easy accessibility is what makes this game enjoyable. For some people it’s a way of challenging their brain thinking while for others just pure fun for passing time. While many will claim it’s underrated some will say it’s overrated, but one thing is for sure, Angry Birds is game franchise that’s not loosing its touch any time soon.

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