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The History of Java Programming Language – 2024 Review

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Java is an object oriented programming language developed by James Gosling, Patrick Naughton and other developers at Sun Microsystems. Development began in 1991, as part of the project Green, and was published in November in 1995.

The big advantage compared to most of previous programming languages ​​is that programs written in Java can run without modification on all operating systems for which there is a JVM (Java Virtual Machine), for the classic example programs written in C, it is necessary to adapt the platform (operating system) that is running a program.

A rich set of classes for working with network communications at one time Java was the best choice for a wide range of possible applications. Microsoft has therefore developed its in C # and the .NET platform as response to open source alternatives.

Java is one of the most used programming languages. The estimates and reports on the number of users ranging from almost 7 to over 10 million. In today’s market, Java is used widely and consistently where it outweighs the speed of development of the software system requirements through run programs. Although inspired by the C language, Java provides a better level of safety and reliability thanks to the VM and a hermetically sealed environment in which each program operates: in Java developing a program is quickly with reduced number of errors. That’s why is popular for developing programs on mobile phones and in financial companies. It occurs as a basic programming language of Google Android.

Below you can check infographic about the history of Java programming language: