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Great visual content marketing tips


Some research says that on average the attention that each adult person paid to some content is only 2.8 seconds. In digital marketing, this is the period in which you have the opportunity to gain the attention of users – or lose it.

Aware of this fact, and the way in which people consume digital content – that images and video have become the dominant form of communication – the companies have begun to adapt their content marketing, and therefore digital strategy. The focus of the presentation of products and services has been largely transferred from talking (writing) about them in an innovative displayng what they are and how to use them. With this, textual content is not lost on quality, it is complemented by a new dimension – the visual one – which much more intensively occupying the attention of consumers.

People are visual creatures – up to 90 percent of information that reach our brains represent visual information. Accordingly, the digital marketing pays more attention to investing in its visual segment, creating a course that will quickly (in time less than 2.8 seconds) gain focus of users and get them to spend as much time with what is presented. Content with quality visual elements is not only excellent “bait” to attract the attention of users, but it is more often shared on social media and other digital channels.

The importance of visual marketing is not new, but in the digital age is very prominent and positions itself as a “spark” that will “ignite” the user for certain content by making it faster to involve and engage emotionally. Creating a visual segment of digital marketing is not as simple as it may seem and is far from throwing a few random photos on profiles on social networks. There are a variety of digital outlets which is why you should take care to prepare for each of them with a the best use of the visual elements on all digital platforms that individual company serves in communicating with their users. To find out how to make it perfect, check out this video infographic with great visual content marketing tips: