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Google Chrome in Numbers

Chrome 50th Release featured

Chrome browser has dawned in the 50th anniversary edition. Google published a bunch of interesting statistics in a visual presentation that relate to their simple web browser minimalist design with sophisticated technology.

Each of us, on one way or another, at some point used this browser. The first beta version of the application was issued on 2 September 2008. The name comes from the name of the frame of graphical user interface (ie, chrome) present for the web browser.

In September 2008, Google has made available the complete source code of the application under the name Chromium. Part of the code developed by Google is available under the BSD license, which means that it can be incorporated into applications of open, but also closed code. Chromium has the same functionality of Chrome as well, but without Google’s branding, automatic updates and a different logo. From May 2012 Google Chrome is a web browser with the greatest market share.

These days it is put into circulation the most recent stable version of the browser V50 (50.0.2661.89) for Android-based devices. It brings option for selectively deleting your browsing history, a new way to manage downloading, which allows pausing or canceling and a slight improvement in the display of cards. Below you can check out how much data Chrome process every month:

Chrome 50th Release