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Global Design Trends 2014 – Infographic

Shutterstock.com is one of the biggest image and graphic sources online. Using their 350 million all-time download database information, Shutterstock made global design trends infographic. Design Trends Infographic 2014 makes it easy to explore and understand latest trends in design world. So what are the latest design trends for coming 2014?

Universal Design Trends

Filtered Design

– growing popularity of image editing mobile apps and social networks such as Instagram, increased filtered design images by 661% in 2013.

Flat Design

– Since release of Windows 8 and iOS 7, flat design can be found everywhere. Images based on flat-design, seen download increase by 200%.

Authentic Design

– real-life subjects and people portraits are increasingly in demand. Real life subjects shows desire for stronger emotional connection in design.

Local and Geographical Trends

Global Design Trends 2014 Infographic visualize design trends by country and location.
By looking at infographic we can clearly see what are the trends in some of the most influential countries. Also infographic shows what kind of design and art forms are most common and trending.

Scroll down “Global Design Trends Infographic 2014” and see what are the others most common design trends for 2014 including video trends, design search trends, Typographic and most social design trends. Share your thoughts and leave the comments below!