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Fun Facts About Black Friday – 2023 Review

Fun Facts About Black Friday

The holiday fever begins: In one day this year, 27 November, will be spent tens of billions of dollars. To attract customers, many traders with the best deals are starting exactly on Black Friday. Due to the discounts, for customers, Black Friday is even more profitable than Christmas sales. At best discounts are almost always electronic appliances and toys.

How was Black Friday originated? There are three theories

According to one theory, which is also called the theory of black ink, traders are most of the year operated with losses and then gain profits exclusively during the holiday season sales that began immediately after Thanksgiving. Dealers are therefore symbolically in the accounting records, which were printed by hand, used the red ink for the period during which they operated with a minus, and black ink for the holiday of the year, which brought them a profit. According to this theory, Black Friday is the day that marked the entry of a large part of the year in which the traders wore profits.

According to another, the term Black Friday appeared in the 1950s. Many workers are absent from work the day after Thanksgiving for alleged or actual disease and employers that day called Black Friday.

The third theory, however, alleged to have been called black by employees themselves because it is a hard and long day for traders who have to serve a myriad of customers who just decide to catch up shopping because the day before on Thanksgiving they spent at home with their families.

For more fun facts, check out the infographic below:

Black Friday