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Flight MH370 Facts Infographic: Was Flight 370 Flown into a Taliban Area?

The news braking story of what really happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which went missing on the 8th of March 2014 and has not been found yet, has confounded world’s aviation experts and kept world’s news watchers hanging on every development in the global search for more than a week.
With all of the satellite surveillance and high tech tracking technology available today, how could a plane simply vanish?
We gathered the MH370 facts together and created this infographic. We couldn’t found any visual source of this breathtaking story, therefore we decided to visualize flight MH370 facts and help people to understand this story better. We used trust-able sources such as global news leader CNN. As the search for missing flight Malaysian Airlines flight 370 drags on into the 14th day, so many important questions continue to remain unanswered about how and why the airplane could have disappeared while seemingly under the control of a skilled pilot intent on making it invisible. It leaves a lot of space for misinterpretations, but we kept main facts as they were reported by the authorities involved in MH370 search. It is hard to imagine that one of the biggest Boeing Jet aircraft hasn’t been found yet.More than 25 countries has been involved into search operations. In the end of our infographic, we used facts and theory by the pilot Keith Ledgerwood. I would recommend to read his full technical explanation how it would be possible to use other ‘777 to fly under coverage. Similar theory (MH370 used coverage) has been discussed on the news channel CNN. Scroll down to see MH370 Infographic and more facts about this biggest aviation mystery of all times.