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Far Cry Primal Survivor Mode – 2020 Overview

far cry primal survivor

far cry primal survivor

Ubisoft has recently in a long blog post announced that Far Cry Primal will get a free upgrade that will bring a new, more difficult challenges and permadeath. Survival mode in Far Cry Primal arrived a few days ago, precisely on April 12 on all platforms.

“The team that was working on the game came up with the idea of creating a survival mode thanks to the feedback received from the gaming community,” said Simon Thomas, director of the game Far Cry Primal. “The key thing in this mode is the change in the research, crafting and level of difficulty so that it becomes even more realistic. There are additional options that player can activate. ”

The most important of these options is permadeath, which means that the game is over for you and for Takkar when he first dies, except in mission-vision, that are just hallucinations. You will get the stamina meter, and when it wears out, Takkar will be slower and weaker and you will have to sleep to regain stamina. Minimap is disabled, and the fog-of-war effect (blurred map that you have to discover) is enhanced, which means that you will discover a small part of the research folders, and because of the lack of minimap you will need to pay more attention to your surroundings. Random encounters with people and animals are also reduced, so you have to be a little more patient in the hunt, and even the fast travel is more difficult, because it burns stamina and food.

“Beast that you will control will be weaker. The strongest animals such as saber-toothed tigers and bears will not be so easily tamed. You’ll have to fight them until their health drops to 50%, and then lure them and tame, “said Simon. Also, once your tamed animals are killed, they will remain on the resting place forever. Of course, you can always tame new leopard, a bear or a wolf, but the legendary beast as Bloodfang saber-toothed tiger you will be unable to find once they die.

Achievements are not needed for this free upgrade of Far Cry Primal , but from Ubisoft say they have prepared a new and rich Ubisoft Club awards for specific challenges that this new survivor mode of play opens.

Far Cry Primal survivor mode is released as a free patch on April 12 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, a version of the patch for the PC will also add 4K textures in the game.