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5 Ways To Extend The Battery Life Of Your Electric Skateboard

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The electric skateboard is a contemporary version of the old model that used to be mega-popular during the 80s and 90s. Thanks to the engine with the electric power drive, these skateboards allow you to easily get anywhere without wasting time or energy. However, energy for the ride must exist and it is drawn from the battery. That is exactly why the battery is viewed as the heart of the electric skateboard. So in what ways can we extend the life of a battery?

Having An Electric Skateboard Is So Much Fun

We live in a time when the pace of life is such that it imposes some new rules on us. The huge crowds in the city often prevent you from reaching some locations in time – even if they are not far away. Also, we have all become aware of the enormous pollution generated by cars emitting exhaust fumes. When you combine these two factors, you will realize that electric vehicles are a much healthier option – both for people and the environment. OK, we cannot all afford an electric car, but we can choose something else, like an electric scooter – or even better, a skateboard. Not only is it fun – but such a skateboard can be a great help for almost anyone regardless of age or gender. These skateboards are especially popular among teenagers – although adults are also very happy to ride them too. They work like electric scooters on rechargeable lithium batteries – and they certainly save your time and money when commuting over short distances.

Battery Is The Driving Force Of Such Skateboards – So How To Keep Them Working?

We have already said that the battery is the driving force of these skateboards. That is why the proper maintenance of the charger and the battery is substantial for the longevity of the electric skateboard. Here are a few things to learn if you wish to extend the life of the battery.

1. Never expose it to excessive temperatures

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One of the most important things when it comes to maintenance of the battery – is to save it from drastic temperatures. That suggests that the electric skateboard must never be left out in the sun for a long period or that you remove the battery during harsh temperatures. In general, for lithium-ion batteries utilized for this purpose – it is most acceptable to be exposed to room temperature. So anything from 17 to some 25-26 degrees Celsius will be just fine. Of course, you cannot have an impact on the outside temperature – but you can at least do your best not to expose the battery to the heat for too long when the temperatures are higher. The same rule applies to low temperatures – as exposure to coldness can also harm the battery of your electric skateboard.

2. Watch out not to overextend the allowed weight limitation

Every electric skateboard has a limitation of weight it can withstand. So, that is something you have to be careful about – especially if you wish your battery to last. Otherwise, you’re going to overburden both the engine and the battery. Why is it like that? According to lumbuy.com, the poundage you load on such a skateboard sets a pressure on the engine, and then on the battery – which makes the board use far more energy, leading to accelerated battery discharge. Too frequent emptying and charging of the battery also have a harmful effect.

3. Ride your skateboard and don’t put it in the corner of the room

When we say this, we have in mind a situation that often happens. So, you buy such a skateboard, you ride it twice – and then leave it standing without using it almost at all. This damages the battery, and the engine as well. Of course, we don’t expect you to use it every day – but it is suggested that you use it at least a few times within a month. Of course, there are those people who live in icy areas with cold winters – so what is the solution? Even if you can’t drive it outside, try it at least a little at home. In any case, do not leave your electric skateboard in the corner unused.

4. Do not empty the battery

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You should never fully discharge the battery. Of course, when you enjoy riding a skateboard, you might not know if your battery has been discharged – so make sure you never get to 0%. This is necessary because such a situation could lead to the degradation of your battery – which will then charge to a reduced capacity of up to 60-70 percent. Therefore, it is advised that you charge the battery when it reaches 20% or maybe a little bit more.

5. Always use new batteries for replacement

It is essential to know that, at some point, you will need the replacement of the battery. However, when it happens, you should replace the old one with a brand new and original battery for a precise type and model of the electric skateboard. Why is that necessary? First of all, purchasing used batteries will result in the battery not lasting nearly as long as expected – or as a new one would last. All these batteries have an average lifespan of between two and three years. After that, it’s time to replace them. In addition, a used, bad or unadapted battery can affect the electric motor itself – and not only will it spoil your driving pleasure, but it can also make permanent damage to the engine.

The Bottom Line

Based on everything we’ve seen, it’s clear that batteries are an essential component that we must take care of – especially if we want them to last us longer. We should learn about the ways to do maintenance from the very beginning – and also the things we should avoid as they can negatively impact the lifespan of the battery. Therefore, make sure you follow the directions for appropriate maintenance – and then you can expect many more hours of riding pleasure.