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Does your Company Engage into Social Media?


Does your Company Engage into Social Media

For many companies, the world of social networks is very noisy place to try and succeed in building awareness of brand. Just the thought of having to engage in social media is too much for some businesses as there is just too much work that goes into targeting the right people for every social media platform. The truth is that social network engagement is one of integral party of any type of business strategy but many of us just skip this opportunity. You already probably now that social media can work in favor of your company but the real problem lies in trying to find ways to create authentic social engagement and interaction. One study has shown that only 1 out of 4 businesses are feeling confident when it comes to engagement with customers through social media. But being in engagement does not mean just having single interaction with customer but having an open line for longer periods of communication.

Engagement is all about how you use platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to create great experience for customers. When customers decide that they want to engage with your company though social media, they put all their trust in you and in the idea that you can fix their problems. You can increase loyalty of your brand and even affect the future purchases if you reach out to each one of them for their specific questions. Think this, what kind of value your company presents if you avoid any kind of engagement? Survey that was done had showed that out of 11,000 consumers are complaining to various brands from social networks. So make sure that you reach those customers and fix their problem. They will appreciate you more and maybe become loyal customers after.

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It’s very important to understand each of the platforms you’re wanting to engage with. Of course you want to have benefits from wider audience online but make sure you’re not biting off so much that you cant chew it. Since every platform is unique it will also affect your business in different way. This type of social branding and social business is not something new. As a matter of fact marketing like this is here for years and years but now you can explore entire new world thanks to social platforms.

Providing customers with only answers like ” no ” or  ” yes ” is not enough anymore to engage someone.  Managing Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social network is not an easy task, especially for small business. The rule sounds simple, if you invest your time in social network you have to be active in order to people notice you or they will simply not care. Your main goal is to set eyes of the audience to your brand. Doesn’t matter if your company is small or big you have to find a way to manage everything. It’s true that one interaction will not change the perception of your company but nevertheless you need to take action and be ready with all the information so you can reach out to your customers with your business.