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9 Pros and Cons of Using Dating & Hookup Apps For One Night Stands

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Dating apps have made communication between people much easier. Thanks to advanced features, the barrier of shyness has been removed. You also have the opportunity to find a person on the other side of the world without leaving the heat of your home. It is an opportunity to gain new experiences in the dating world. So the chances are the same for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the love of your life or you just need a one-night stand, dating apps are a great choice.

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1. Quick dating

Once you install the app on your smartphone, you can use it whenever you want. The interface is easy to use and you can check what’s going on in the app while waiting for a business meeting, riding the bus or doing something else. Due to the extreme flexibility, you will not have to postpone your obligations in order to maintain communication with a potential partner. All you need is a smartphone and the internet. Setting up a profile is an equally simple process, as it is enough to enter key information about you, such as your hobbies, beliefs or certain characteristics.

You will soon get in touch with another person, because it is much more comfortable to talk to a stranger through a dating app than in real life. That is why these apps are mostly used by people who are very busy and do not have time to go to places to meet people. Think of this platform as a great party where you will meet a lot of new people, but you will spend much less energy.

2. A rich source of opportunities

You can download the application via your smart phone and then create your profile. What makes this application very interesting is that you can get a lot of basic information related to the people you are interested in completely free of charge. Of course, if you want to get more detailed information, you will still have to establish communication with a certain person behind that profile.

3. Fun

These apps are primarily a form of entertainment. For example, Tinder is one of the examples of interesting dating apps. It works by you, as the user, assessing whether the person whose profile you came across is “worth” further work, just based on his appearance. Namely, it works by offering users countless photos of people from their immediate vicinity where it is easy to “say” whether they like one or not, and when there is an affirmative answer from both sides, communication can begin. It is a lot of fun and it will be interesting for you to see how many people you can leave a positive impression on.

4. Getting to know outside the geographical location

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One of the biggest benefits is that you can change your location and move from country to country while meeting people outside of your location. For example, if you go on a business trip, you may find a person in your environment who has the same interests as you. It is an opportunity to have fun while working or meet a future partner with whom you will maintain a relationship. In the end, you might just find a great friend. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to local places.

5. Meeting different personalities

Since you can use advanced chat features, you have the opportunity to ask the other party various questions. This means that you will get to know the personality and interests of your partner. In this way, you will understand whether you are really compatible, and in time you can clear up contacts and continue to have conversations on other platforms. For example, go to the next step by making video calls. Before you enter into a relationship, you will understand if your partner is really what you want.


1. Cyber crimes

Although many apps have improved algorithms to stop malicious users, there is no guarantee of security. There are a lot of scams and that’s why you have to research the background of the profile on the app before you decide to meet him in real life. Fortunately, some platforms require users to verify their identity before registering. However, such apps are few. Pay attention to the people you meet. If you notice that someone is suspicious, report their actions in order to protect other users. While finding the right person can take time, you just need to be a little patient. Scammers will usually ask you for money or other services, so do not easily agree to such agreements.

2. Ads

The developers of the app choose ads that will constantly appear to you, because that is the most effective strategy for monetizing this platform. This means you won’t have the best user experience unless you subscribe to Premium. So that is one of the reasons why many prefer websites like https://bestescortlist.com/facegirl where there is no need to buy Premium subscription to avoid ads.

3. Lack of intimacy

If you’re looking for a one-night stand, you probably won’t be so interested in the other person’s personality, but personal conversations are an important part of communication. On-screen communication is much less intimate compared to face-to-face encounters, which means you won’t know how you feel about the other side until you see each other live. Then it will be much easier for you to assess whether the person is lying, whether he has a problem with self-confidence and everything else.

4. Persistence

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In the end, active dating takes place quickly, but requires effort. This means that you have to spend time corresponding with certain people. It is also necessary to regularly update the profile, reply to messages, etc. If someone misrepresented you, your entire effort may be in vain.


Don’t worry, because there are a lot of fish in the sea waiting just for you. The fact that these applications are currently used by millions of people around the world shows that they are not just empty stories. this means that you will inevitably find someone who suits you, no matter how specific and picky you may be. All those who want to use it should not have much experience in this field, because it is very simple, and therefore attractive to both younger and older generations.