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7 Curtain Tips and Ideas to Make Your Room Look More Expensive

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It is critical to drape your room’s windows with appropriate drapes in order to get a good night’s sleep and to add privacy to this place. Curtains come in a wide range of styles, patterns, and colors, from stacking numerous curtains together to choosing geometric patterns and neutral tones. Furthermore, these curtains make a design statement in your room by complementing the type of decor.

We’ve put up a guide to curtain designs that will always give your room that high-end designer look.

1. Choose Striped Curtains To Make Your Room Look Spacious

Striped curtains may provide some interesting visual effects in any room. Horizontal striped curtains can make a room appear wider, while vertical striped curtains can make a space appear taller. To prevent dominating the rest of your design, limit the stripes to two or three colors or choose neutral-colored stripes.

Choose striped drapes that complement the colors of your walls and furniture, or use a few accent items to bring the stripes’ hues to life. In a casual bathroom, striped drapes and shower curtains are frequently used. Choose a curtain with a broad stripe or band at the bottom for a more formal effect in a living room, bedroom, or another place.

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2. Select The Colors Carefully

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When selecting the perfect blinds or window curtains, the color will be one of the most important considerations. Choosing the wrong hue can detract from the overall aesthetic value of the space.

The use of the wrong colors on the improper windows can also cause rapid deterioration. If you use bright colors like blood red on windows that get a lot of sunlight, the colors may fade quickly. To get around this, choose blinds or drapes in light, nude or neutral hues that will still look fine after fading.

3. Use Long-Lasting Fabrics

The majority of fabrics are susceptible to some degree of sun degradation. Certain textiles, on the other hand, are more durable than others and do not degrade as quickly as their counterparts. As a result, make careful to select curtains based on the durability of their materials.

Sun damage is least likely with faux silk. Other textiles, such as linen, velvet, and silk, are more durable, especially in a sunny environment. You can also line any curtain with an insulating material, which is a practical option. Believe us when we say that if done right, it can perform wonders!

You can also choose a cloth based on the room’s style. Heavy silk or velvet, for example, would be appropriate in a formal situation, whereas crinkly velvet and billowy linen would be appropriate in a relaxed setting. Also, while picking the fabric, consider if you want machine-washable or dry-clean-only curtains. It will spare you the trouble of having to replace a curtain every time it is destroyed by improper washing.

4. Plain or Patterned

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A patterned room curtain breathes new life into a drab bedroom. It is entirely up to you whether you like simple or patterned curtains. If you want to use patterned curtains, we recommend keeping the rest of the room basic.

Are you having trouble deciding on a print? For your curtains, you can go with a tropical or botanical print. A simple polka dot or striped curtain will be enough to make your room stand out. You can also pick a pattern that will last a long period.

5. Consider The Height

When it comes to choosing curtains, height is by far the most significant consideration. A curtain should hang above the floor and stretch well past your window. Give them an extra inch of fabric to drag around the floor for a more traditional look.

Hang your drapes a few inches above your windows, rather than directly above the windowsill, to make your ceilings appear higher than they are.

6. Pair With Blinds

When you pair curtains with a blind, you’re not just trying to block out the light. To provide seclusion, filter light, and improve the aesthetic of your room, match your curtains with blinds.

When coupled with curtains, a blind creates a timeless yet refined visual focal point. People employ this strategy to create a unique window arrangement into a master showpiece from all the room curtain design techniques. If you use this technique, ensure the blind and curtain fabrics complement each other.

Pairing a print with another print is a no-no. If you go with a print for your blinds, don’t go with a print for your drapes or curtains. It will make your place appear excessively opulent. It will take all eyes away from the room, but not in a positive way. So, what are your options? For one, pick an ideal print, and for the other, go with a solid color. They will complement each other nicely.

7. Buy Appropriate Accessories

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They can be dressed up or down. Pull-backs and valances, as well as ornate curtain tracks mounted on the wall above the curtains, are examples of curtain trims and accessories. Light draperies can be skillfully paired with trims and accessories to enhance richness and grandeur.

The ornamental frilled cloth placed at the top of the window curtain, known as a valance, is a great way to dress up your room. Simple pull-backs and the absence of ornate accents, on the other hand, will make fabrics like velvet or satin look sophisticated and sleek. This, too, will be determined by the desired result.


The task of choosing curtain fabrics, colors, and patterns is crucial. This is because lighter neutral-colored fabrics may not be able to hide the entry of sunlight, causing you to wake up earlier than you would like. Heavier textiles, such as velvet in dark colors, on the other hand, will keep the light out, making your space dark. As a result, you must select fabrics, colors, and curtain patterns based on how you wish to adorn your room’s windows.

You can add style and provide seclusion to your room by using the above-mentioned curtain ideas. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs, including neutrals and vivid patterns.