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How to Create Memorable, Shareable Emails in 2024


Numerous studies show that email marketing if it’s used properly is one of the most effective tools with an excellent return on investment. How to create memorable, shareable emails? How your newsletter can be more interesting? For tips on how to create more memorable emails, check out the infographic below.

What are the advantages of e-mail marketing?

In the email marketing message arrives in the inbox of the target audience, which enables businesses to communicate directly and build or maintain relationships with current and potential customers. It is measurable, you can track who opened the newsletter, when he opened, where were he clicked … The process of developing is simple and cheap. Newsletter also can be customized for viewing on smartphones and tablet computers (responsive design).

What to look for in the design?

Design must synchronize with the visual identity of the company and also be creative and simple. Complex solutions is more difficult to see properly on some devices. According to eye tracking studies, upper left corner of newsletter attracts the most attention,so here you must include the most important information.

Use the strong visual elements: photos, prominent headlines, bullet points, and links to multimedia content, but leave enough space to customer’s eye can easily “scan” the whole email. Set the icons to share on social networks and icons for follow to increase the number of followers. At the bottom of the newsletter you must offer the option to unsubscribe.

How to write the content for the newsletter?

Segment your list of email contacts, and customize content to its intended readership. To newsletter be dynamic and interesting, divide it in different categories of content. In paragraphs concisely answer on this five questions: Who?, What?, Where?, When?, Why?. Use interesting subtitles. If you need somewhere to present more details link it to your website with more information.

Memorable promotional emails are a dime a dozen — and yet, how memorable an email is correlates strongly with whether or not recipients forward it to others or share it with their social networks.

One big reason for lack of memorable email content? Poor mobile experience. As of June 2024, 48% of emails are being read on mobile devices … but only 56% of B2C brands are using mobile-friendly design techniques for their promotional emails.

Email marketers need to focus on creating email content that’s not only helpful, but also memorable and shareworthy. To find out how to do it, check out this infographic: