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Is Cox Wi-Fi Good for Gaming?

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Gaming has now become one of the most popular forms of entertainment. The social lockdown has made it a more favorable option for users to kill their blues and fight the anxiety by engaging in this healthy activity. One of the most booming online industries in the world, gaming is something that offers you the perfect escape to a world of endless possibilities. It takes you on an adventure where you can the hero you have always dreamed to be in the real world.

Once you delve into one of your favorite battlefields online, be it Fortnite, Dota 2, or of course, Call of Duty, you will not want to return. The adrenaline rush, when you make the last kill, is worth it. However, an important fact that you need to consider is that a seamless gaming experience is not possible without a fast, steady, and reliable internet connection.

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So, unless you have one of the best internet providers like Cox, for instance, you might end up struggling with lags and disconnection issues. In fact, providers now offer special internet plans designed to cater to the connectivity needs of the gamers. Cox stands among the top pioneers to provide exceptional services for gamers, as evident by the launch of the Elite Gamer service. Click here for more information on that.

It works by automatically finding a faster path to the game server. When it comes to gaming, every microsecond counts, and the Elite Gamer works miracles in lowering the latency rate and providing a more enhanced gaming experience. Now without further ado, let us get going and dig deeper as to why Cox proves to be one of the best choices for gamers.

Good Ping for Gaming

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Ping basically refers to how fast a computer connects to the gaming server during live games. Whenever playing online, a ping test can save you from much trouble. It will foretell you about any dips that you can experience during your gaming session.

The ping requirements mainly depend on the game you are playing. Cox internet plans ensure a minimum ping to avoid any lags or glitches during a game. So, it is ideal for first-person shooter and racing games which require a ping rate of less than 50ms to make sure you stay competitive in the game against your opponents. While, on the other hand, the RTS or Real-Time strategy games can deal with pings of up to 200ms without having any issues.

Low Latency

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One of the most obvious reasons for facing lags is a latency problem while gaming. It is the delay you experience as a result of high latency, especially while playing FPS or battle royal games, where a slight delay can get you killed. With a Cox connection, you do not have to worry about any latency issue since its strong network, server processing power, and blazing fast speeds will support you completely. So, you can expect latencies as low as 50ms or less.

Cox Elite Gamer

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The launch of Cox Elite Gamer is a big treat for gamers, to ensure a smoother than ever gaming adventure with no lags. In case you have your own router, it will cost $6.99 per month. So, you can enjoy seamless gaming and more victories. Elite Gamer is specially designed to use a smart server network that routes your gaming connections quicker. Therefore, when you are using Elite Gamer, the game connection is no longer hogged by other traffic on your network.

Just like taking alternate back roads to reach your destination faster during rush hours works well for you, similarly, Elite Gamer operates by creating a more efficient connection for gaming. This, in turn, reduces ping and latency in online gaming. In order to get Elite Gamer service, you ought to be a new or existing Cox internet user. Moreover, you can make use of this service across multiple computers simultaneously.

Is Cox Elite Gamer Worth Subscribing?

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The Cox Elite Gamer is specially designed to cater to the needs of gamers so they can enjoy gaming to the fullest. Subscribing to it can be a solution to all the issues you might be facing lately. Imagine the heartache when you’re just about to bag a win after all the strenuous efforts and smart strategies, and all of a sudden, the internet ditches you, and the screen gets stuck. Suddenly, in the middle of all the chaos, your brain instantly realizes what just happened – your internet probably crashed! Sigh.

Cox Elite Gamer subscription helps you avoid getting into such a situation in the first place. And the best part is that it is very easy on the pocket. You do not have to pay a hefty fee for it. It is free of cost for the existing or new Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi users. Cox internet users without a Panoramic Wi-Fi connection can get the Elite Gamer service at a rate of $6.99 per month. So, for all those who find gaming as the best medium of maximizing their interactions with friends during the lockdown, this service is something that can help you enjoy your gaming sessions to the fullest, without turning them into legit nightmares due to latency issues.

This shows that Cox pays attention to the side-niches and has launched this service recently to assist the diehard gaming users as a genuine step towards providing a much-enhanced gaming experience, with up to a 32% reduction in lag and higher stability. Cox aims to meet the requirements of the ever-growing gaming industry and offer a more seamless service to the users who want to enjoy gaming when they are staying at home during the global pandemic crisis.

Wrapping Up

The aforementioned discussion proves that Cox is, indeed, one of the best internet service providers and should be the top choice for gamers who want to enjoy a lag-free and smoother gaming experience. With the launch of the Cox Elite Gamer service, Cox has surely won the hearts of the gaming customers by getting rid of all the previous issues that prevented an efficient gaming session. With this perfect and affordable gaming package, you will live every gaming session to the fullest!