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How Collecting Can Add Joy to Your Life?

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Collecting old objects, tools, appliances, fashion items – the list goes on – has remarkable power. This one activity can offer a great sense of belonging, which is valuable in a disconnected world. Yes, simply stockpiling your favourite items has a range benefits for your emotional, mental and social well-being.

From collecting ancient coins, stamps, ornaments, dolls and toys to vintage items such as arcade machines and furniture, this hobby actually make your life a bit better!

And it’s up to you what you want to collect and how many you put together in your collection! So, enjoy the freedom.

When the world and work and personal challenges become stressful, why not try something new? Here is some insight into how to start and what you can look forward to.

How to Start a Collection

Collecting as part of a hobby is supposed to be satisfying and enjoyable – after all, you’re doing it for emotional wellbeing. Therefore, first think of what you love or enjoy doing and build a collection around that interest. Here’s a list to inspire you:

  • Do you enjoy reading? Consider collecting books.
  • Do you enjoy old school or classical music? Consider collecting vintage instruments.
  • Is it geography or travelling you enjoy? Collect maps or items from specific countries.
  • Do you enjoy fashion? Consider collecting watches or other fashion items.
  • Perhaps you are an avid sports supporter? You can collect sports cards pertaining to your favourite sports.
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There are no specific rules regarding being a collector. You just need to decide what would bring joy and motivate you to keep going.

After you’ve decided what you want to collect, do plan a little and learn about collecting. Knowledge of the niche will help you going forward. That also involves doing research and shopping for or trading these items with others that know about the topic.

You can find a special room or corner in your house for your collections, which will personalise your living space. Not only that, but because you’re collecting items you appreciate, having them around you will bring you happiness and comfort whenever you’re at home.

Collecting Builds Self-Fulfillment

You will find much satisfaction in completing a collection of pieces that makes you happy simply by looking at them. Moreover, collecting items that are particularly rare will give you sense of joy, inspiring you to continue.

Collecting Reduces Depression and Anxiety

Much like cleaning relieves stress because it makes you feel organised and in control, collecting – and completing a collection – has a similar effect. This helps you to create a more relaxed environment for yourself, which will enable you to handle stressful situations easier.

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You will also spend more of your free time shopping, searching and doing research. These activities will occupy your mind and prevent you from overthinking about stressors in life.

Living in an environment where your collections are in order also indirectly helps you to stay focused. Did you know this can help you process information easier? Subconsciously you may feel that because your collections are organised, so is your life.

Likewise, collecting – especially that of rare items – is a challenge. When you overcome that ‘challenge’ you can feel a sense of accomplishment similar to winning a game or a competitive sport.

Ultimately, collecting gives you pleasure because it helps you appreciate beauty and your ownership over a special group of possessions can make you feel proud.

Boosts Social Interaction

By nature, people are social beings. Without a healthy social life, you may feel alone and disconnected. Engagement with others is vital for our emotional wellbeing. But it’s not always easy to find good friends or a life partner.

Collecting gives an opportunity to develop a link between you and other collectors by interacting with them regarding the topic at hand. It’s an effortless way to build relationships.

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You may attend a collectors’ conference to meet other like-minded people or you might encounter people online when joining a relevant forum related to the items you’re collecting. Either way, you’re building a network, which is a great way to start building healthy relationships.

These interactions can turn into more. Imagine social gatherings like barbecues or dinner parties. You can even use your relatable collectors’ items to enhance these meets. Consider turning on a vintage jukebox to play music or wear fashionable collectibles to attend themed parties.

When you build a sense of community around your collection, you make your life fuller and that’s good for your general wellbeing.


Ultimately, your hobby of collecting can bring contentment to your life. For one thing, you’re living with more of a purpose outside of work. It also affords you the opportunity to control a small part of the world, which can bring some sense of peace.

Could collecting be how you make more sense of the world? Is this how you will boost your mental health? Do you have tips for other collectors? Share with our community in the comments section.