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CoD Cold War Season 2 New Maps

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There are millions of gamers all around the world, and no matter if you are a professional player, or if you enjoy gaming in your free time, we all know that there are so many benefits from playing your favorite game. It is said that if you are a professional gamer, you can easily make hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, and for those who like to spend just a few hours per day playing their preferred game, there are a lot of benefits as well.

You will improve your hand-eye coordination, you will improve your brain function, and you can easily reduce stress and anxiety. There are thousands of games that are popular right now, and probably the most popular one in the world is Call of Duty. In this article, we are going to talk about CoD Cold War Season 2, and the new maps that are introduced for players. So, continue reading if you want to know more about this game, and what you should expect from it.

What you should expect from it?

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There are so many new things in season two of the CoD Cold War, and no matter if you are looking for new weapons, stories, experiences, or maps, everything is here.

In this season of the game, there are going to be featured four new operators, and they include Naga: Warsaw Pact, Maxis: NATO, Wolf: NATO, and Rivas: NATO. You should also expect six different new types of weapons, and players suggest that these new weapons are going to provide additional excitement and advancement when you use them in the game. The new weapons featured in the second part of the game include FARA 83: Assault Rifle, LC10: SMG, Machete: Special, E-Tool: Melee, R1 Shadowhunter: Special, and ZRG 20mm: Sniper. Note that some of these weapons can be easily obtained for free, while others need to be purchased. There are also going to be some new zombie expansions and they are said to be led by a whole new outbreak experience.

Note that these are some of the things featured in this part of the game, and you should also expect things like new tools of the trade, prestige levels, warzone points of interest, new types of game modes, as well as new multiplayer modes. Overall the second season will introduce a lot of new and exciting possibilities for all the players out there, and some of them are already available in season, while others are expected to be launched soon.

There are four main new maps that are going to be featured in the second season of the game, and now we are going to talk about every map separately and what you should expect from it. Note that some of these features are already launched, while others are expected to come out soon. To be efficient with all the new features, you want to develop skills similar to pro gamers. According to MegaModz, following a proven strategy will boost your performance father fast.


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This map is built for the operators who want to play on full-on action mode. It is not for those who want to take their time exploring, and you need to be aware of the aggressive approach you will need to take. It is based in Laos, and in the village, you will need to extract evidence that will help you out with the mission.

The map is not too big, but it is large enough to provide a lot of fun and new experiences for every player. You will need to chase your enemies through different buildings and temples and you should keep your focus on the mission. It is said that there are a lot of distractions that can easily get you killed, so if you want to improve your chances of succeeding in your mission, you should visit here and explore the cold war boosting options.


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Just like the name suggests, this map is located in a mansion and it is an addition to the map pool. It is set in Cuba, and even though this is the smallest map in this season, it is extremely exciting and interesting.

You can explore both court-yards and when you play it, you should know that there are not a lot of hiding places. The action will take place there, so you should get ready for some close combat. Experts suggest that this is probably the most intense of the new maps, and it is going to get hectic in here, especially when a lot of players gather in the same place.


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The Golova map is probably the most interesting new map because it allows players to have close-quarter opportunities for fighting. It is located in a Russian village and there are a lot of interesting sights including churches, houses, and even parks.

Here you will be able to explore many different hiding places where you could sit and wait for your enemies to appear, or you can just explore the map and find some long-range combat places.

Miami Strike

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The last place that you will be able to explore in the second season of CoD Cold War is Miami. This is probably the most colorful maps of them all, and you will play in the streets of the city.

This neighborhood is small, but it will give you a lot of opportunities for both close and long-range battles, and you can explore a lot of hiding spots, as well as get your hands on some Hardpont combat.

These are the four maps that are going to be featured in the second season of the most popular games in the world. Know that you should explore all of them before you choose your favorite, and if you want to be able to finish your mission, and be victorious, you should explore the boosters and everything else that can help you out. Don’t forget to check out the new tools, vehicles, as well as weapons that will take this game to the next level.

The season prestige levels will go up to eleven, and when you start playing your season level will reset to one, just like the first season of this game. Experts and players say that this is going to be a revolutionary update, so you should purchase the game as soon as you can. Test your skills, and learn a lot of new things, and know that one thing is for sure, you are going to love it!