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10 Useful Tips for Choosing the Perfect LED Tube Lights

Lights are an essential instrument of our everyday life. It can help or harm us in many ways. They can increase and decrease your household and office costs.

This type of light is the greatest invention of the electronic industry in this modern age. They overcome other bulbs in terms of performance and costs. It is a new type of light, so it is difficult for us to choose the right one. To solve this problem, here I am providing 10 tips. If you follow these tips, you will be able to choose the perfect LED tube for you.

10 tips for selecting the perfect LED tube light

1. Think of long-term costs

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Which light is costlier Emitting Diode or incandescent? If you look at both of them at first impression, it will look like the first one is costlier than incandescent light.

But is it the real fact?

No, if you consider their electricity consumption, you can clearly understand that LED bulbs are much cheaper than incandescent bulbs. The amount of brightness you get from an incandescent bulb, LED bulb can provide the same level of brightness in five to six times less power consumption. That means what an incandescent light will cost you in a year. Light Emitting Diode bulb will cost five to six times less than that.

It is the real difference between Light Emitting Diode light and other lights. On the other hand, the average life span of incandescent bulb is 1200hrs, CFL bulb is 8000hrs comparing to 25000hrs of bulb Emitting Diode. Here it is clear that its life span is enormous compared to incandescent bulb and CFL bulb.

Light Emitting Diodes are several times cheaper than incandescent and CFL. However, the one-time price of this light is expensive than incandescent and CFL.

2. Consider the light color temperature

While buying an Emitting Diode, you must take care of the color temperature, one of the most important things about lights.
So, why is color temperature so important?

Do you need the same level of brightness in your office and home?

No, that’s why color temperature comes into play. Bulb’s brightness goes hand to hand with color temperature. While choosing one, you should consider pick one according to color temperature. It is measured in kelvin.

Let’s say you need bulbs for your bedroom. In this case, which level of brightness is right for you? The bedroom needs warm bulb so that you can fall asleep fast. Considering this you need warm bulbs for the bedroom.

What color temperature is considered warm? For warm bulbs, you should go with the range of 2700k to 3000k.

As far as the office and study place is concerned, you will need focus, attention, and productivity. For these types of places, cool white color is perfect. For getting the cool white color, you can go with the range of 3000k to 5000k.

What if I need brightness like daylight? In this situation, you will need a color temperature of 5000k to 6500k.

3. To figure out your required brightness, use lumens

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Lumens are used to measure brightness in LED lights. What a 150-watt incandescent bulb produces, a 25watt to 28watt LED can produce that same amount of brightness. It produces the same level of brightness while consuming five to six times less electricity.

When you choose Emitting Diode, use lumens to find out your exact brightness requirement, then go with the LED bulb that produces that level of brightness.

4. What about the dimmable option?

Traditional incandescent light uses less electricity to provide less brightness. Energy is used in controlling traditional light’s brightness level. On the other hand, Emitting Diodes don’t have this type of mechanism.

So, what should I do if I want to use a dimmer?

Here you have two options. Either you can go with traditional tube light compatible LED tubes or replace the existing switching mechanism with LED compatible dimmer switch.

5. Consider temperatures

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Emitting Diodes produce much less heat compared to incandescents. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t produce any heat at all. If your living place is enclosed and there is no way to transfer heat to the outside air, then you should take the temperature issue very seriously. In this situation, you should use choose ones that are capable of running in hot temperatures.

6. Take maintenance into consideration

In the matter of maintenance, LED tube lights need less maintenance compared to incandescence and fluorescent. But it’s better to keep the fact of maintenance in mind while choosing it. If you need to install this type of tube bulbs where you can’t reach and conduct maintenance tasks frequently, then choose one that doesn’t require frequent maintenance.

7. Use the perfect panel

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When it comes to the panel, you can customize your existing one, but it’s a time-consuming matter. You can find a lot of LED panels that are built, keeping in mind standard needs. You can choose one from them according to your space. If you need to install multiple lights, then you can choose LED battens. If you want to replace the t8 fluorescent tube, you can choose the t8 Light Emitting Diode tubes. You can choose the best t8 LED tube light from https://www.lepro.com/led-tube-light.

8. Light’s material, disposable or not?

Environment issue is becoming sensitive day by day. That’s why you should make sure that if your bulbs’s material is disposable or not. It would be better before buying the bulb, check your area’s waste disposal rules.

9. Considering the lifespan

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LED tube lifespan is connected with its uses. How long it will last depend on its daily uses. Before buying the light, calculate how many hours you will use it per day.

10. Is it possible to use the smart switch?

What we are using in our houses won’t remain the same in the coming years as the smart home’s future looks very bright. Even you can notice the use of smart lights in houses this day. So, to keep this in mind, you should ensure that your one is compatible with smart switches.

Final words

LED lights are the latest invention in the electric industry. They are much better than existing lighting solutions. Because of this reason, the use of LED bulbs is increasing day by day. While buying LED tube for yourself, make sure that you follow the above tips for choosing the right one.