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10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Wear Wigs in Real Life – 2020 Guide

Source: insider.com

If you were wondering how celebrities manage to have their hair looking so good all the time and how they must be spending a lot of time at hair-dressing saloons, you should know that there is a much easier solution that could provide you with glamorous hair instantly, the wig extension. There are many benefits of wearing a win, such as the ability to easily change between numerous styles, protect your hair, thin your hair, use some interesting wig for any fun occasion, or prepare yourself for some business meeting or a date. In any way, a wig will instantly provide you with a more attractive appearance. There are many of these products available on the market today, and you can choose between natural hair and synthetic fiber.

You maybe heard about some businesses where you can sell your hair, well they are using it for wigs. When it comes to the wigs and hair extenders, you can find all kinds of these products in different length, volume, and color. Visit Unice.com to see some of the most popular wigs on the market today. Since wigs represent such a convenient method to change hairstyles, it is not a surprise that many celebrities choose to have several of them all the time. We are going to present to you some celebrities that are often wearing wigs in real life that you might don’t know about.

1. Gwen Stefani

Source: insider.com

A beautiful blonde hair is like a trademark for a popular singer Gwen Stefani. Many people will get surprised, be she admitted that a wig is part of her style for over a decade. Also, Gwen mentioned how keeping natural blonde hair requires a lot of time and effort, while extensions and wigs represent a much easier solution.

2. Ariana Grande

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While many pop stars like Gwen Stefani wears wigs to save a lot of time and effort, people like Ariana Grande are, unfortunately, forced to wear fake hair all the time. The reason why she is always wearing a wig is that she was experimenting too much with her hair by changing colors more often, which led to the damage of her hair. She had a natural black haircut full of curls when she was younger, but the problems started to occur after she decided to dye it in red. Another issue that caused damage to her hair is that she was bleaching her hair for a long time during her role in Sam and Cat TV Show.

3. Jennifer Lopez

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Jenifer is known as a great performer at singing, dancing, and even acting. Also, she is a well-known promoter of healthy life and fitness. When it comes to her hairstyle, she is not interested in any sort of experiment with her natural color. Therefore, she is wearing a wig most of the time when she is not at home. While most of us got used to her long brown hair, her natural style is much shorter and curly.

4. Beyoncé

Source: npr.org

One of the most popular pop stars in the world is also wearing her curly wig all the time. She says how it is much easier to just take off the wig when you come home, especially when you have kids, that trying to deal with natural hair, which requires a lot more effort along with the risk of damage it if you are visiting hairdressers too often. The big advantage of modern wigs is that you can hardly notice any difference when you compare it with natural hair.

5. Jennifer Aniston

Source: nbcnews.com

Since she is wearing a bang of hair over her forehead almost all the time, it is very hard to notice that Jennifer is also one of the stars who is wearing a wig most of the time. Her main reason why should every woman have a win is that you can save so much time on preparation when you are going out for dinner or any other occasion. Also, you will save your natural hair by avoiding all kinds of products like conditioners, sprays, hair dyes, and more.

6. Zendaya

Source: insider.com

According to Zendaya, the main benefit of wigs is that you can play with different styles all the time. Also, she feels much more comfortable with shorter hair. On the other hand, if she thinks how longer highlights would be more attractive with some outfit, she can easily put on a wig with longer extensions. She has a great collection of wigs like bobs, pin-straight locks, short, and more.

7. Rachel McAdams

Source: latimes.com

Many actresses are using the advantage of wigs, especially when they need a different haircut for some particular role. It would require a lot of time to change your natural hair all the time for different roles, while a wig is a simple solution. Also, if you choose some more expensive high-quality model, it will get very hard for anyone to notice that your hair is not real.

8. Katy Perry

Source: hellomagazine.com

If you ever wondered about how Katy Perry manages to change so many haircuts all the time, you have to know that she is also using the help of wigs. Some of her favorite ones are purple and black extensions. Also, she is not hiding that she is wearing wigs all the time. Sometimes she would change several wigs during the same event.

9. Emilia Clarke

Source: insider.com

This might surprise you, but the star from the Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke is actually a brunette.  She never wanted to dye her hair for any role. Instead of that, she simply decided to wear a wig, which is indeed much more convenient solution.

10. Kylie Jenner

Source: theverge.com

One of the most popular models and influencers today, Kylie Jenner, is also known for her frequent change of hairstyles. However, she is also aware that bleaching or dyeing hair could damage it. Therefore, she has a great collection of wigs that she is changing even a few times during the day. Her Instagram followers can notice how often she is changing her appearance. Some of her favorite extensions are neon green, short bobs, cornrows, fuchsia, and more.