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How To Buy, Sell & Trade CS:GO Skins – 2024 Guide

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If you are a fan of gaming, then I guess you are already familiar with the Counter-Strike game. Two years ago CS:GO became free, and since then more and more players are joining this online community. You can choose to play among different game modes, depending on your preference.

However, although the game itself is free, its players have found ways of earning money on the game, by buying and selling skins and it is becoming more and more popular among CS:GO players. In order to find a way to buy and sell these, keep on reading, since here is a simple guide to it.

Simple steps to buying, selling and trading CS:GO skins

Make an account

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If you want to show off your skills, but also earn money while playing, you need to make an account. Making an account is absolutely free for all players and the only requirement for you to be able to make one is that you need to be older than 13 years old. Once you have made yourself an account, now you can spend or earn money (whether you want to buy or sell skins) and you can move onto the next step on this guide.

Become familiar with CS:GO trading regulation

When you decide that you want to dig deeper into the trading process (a common term for both selling and buying), then you must become familiar with regulations. Since we live in an era of constant changes, these regulations are constantly changing, and you may want to take a look at them before you decide to buy or sell a skin.

For example, the newest rules and regulations have claimed that an item that is purchased from the in-game store, could not be tradable for at least a week. As a CS:GO player, it can make you very frustrated, thus, there lies the importance of checking everything before embarking on this adventure.

Take a look at the value of skins

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Once you have read all the rules and regulations and you have decided to buy or sell a skin, take a look at the market value of skins you want to trade. People usually get fooled by other people putting low prices on these and you don’t want to be one of them!

Doing extensive research before trading can help you to estimate the real price of anything you want to sell or buy. By doing so, you can compare and contrast prices, finding the ones you find the most affordable for you, without being tricked by others.

Always start with small amounts

If you are new to this process, then you should definitely consider starting with small amounts. As a beginner, the best thing you can do is to try to exchange skins with others for free. It sounds odd, I know, but there are also other people who are beginners in this thing, so you should try this out.

If there are no people who are willing to exchange theirs for free, and you really want to trade them, then try going for $5 to $10 (a reasonable price for rookies). Nobody wants to spend a huge amount of money at the start, right? Even when you gamble you don’t want to put all of your money on the very first cards you get, so why should you do it when trading skins?!

Search for different websites

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There are numerous websites that deal with trading skins. As for everything, you should first do extensive research to see which websites offer the best deals. Don’t stick to the first one you find! Also, some of the sites you find may not be safe for trading; that’s the reason why you need to dig even deeper.

You don’t want your money to go in vain! Actually, nobody does! You can always check the reviews for particular sites, along with the terms and conditions that the site is offering, which will give you a better insight into the ones that are safe for trading. Once you finish this, you are ready for your skins to be traded!

Become familiar with trading slang

There are scammers all over the Internet, and you should always look out for them. They might use trading slang in order to trick you, thus you should be extra careful when starting this process. However, you can easily become familiar with this – there are sites that give you basic knowledge for words and language, in general, that is related to buying and selling.

CS:GO vocabulary and lexicon are quite widespread and before starting the process of trading, take a look at that and become familiar with it. You don’t want to be tricked by someone because you didn’t understand something!

Give feedback in order to get one in return

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The buying process has gone without any problems and you are more than satisfied with that?! Then you should definitely give feedback to the person who sold you that particular skin. People always look upon the reviews that satisfied customers tend to leave.

Don’t you want to have positive feedback from others when you’re done with your selling process? Of course you want! It will only take a little bit of your time, but it will mean a lot to others! When you have “more stars” on your profile, you will have more people willing to buy skins from you, and after all, that’s what you want, right?!

Looking for a safe site to trade your skins?

Once you have gone through this guide of buying and selling skins, now you need a trusted site where you can begin the process of trading. Well, cs.money site gives you a chance to buy, sell and trade skins easier and faster than anyone else. It only takes 30 seconds for you to log in and make a purchase. Also, if you have any questions there is 24/7 customer support.