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5 Hacks how to Boost Page Clicks and Increase Conversion Rate in 30 Days

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Page Clicks are the most important event in the online marketing. Marketers have worked for decades to discover the most influencing call to action messages and tactics. It is important and curtail for your business to have landing page with powerful call to action.

This is actually very simple to achieve with these 5 hacks and in this post, I will try to make it clear and informative in order everyone can understand the “magic behind”.

To boost page clicks on your landing page, you need powerful call to action. Call to action consist from only three main rules.

  • You should not make your customers think twice. You should drive your customers to act now.
  • Demanding an action is better than suggesting and action.
  • Make Instructions easy to follow.

In reality to get page clicks you need to be straightforward with your audience.  To be successful in this task, you need to put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Stop wasting their time with pointless links and information. Get straight to the point and tell them what to do. Make your call to action distinguishable from the rest of your content.

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Download Your Templates Now

As you can see from the example above. This particular landing pages is the perfect example with clear straightforward call to action button. It is dead simple. You can also purchase this powerful landing pages and call to action right now and safe yourself the hassle.

The Message Triggers Page Clicks

Page clicks are triggered by the message on your call to action. I strongly suggest your call to cation message to evoke the benefits that your target audience will get when they take an action. You will ruin the entire experience if you use generic messages such as: “Download”, “Upgrade” or “Buy”. It is all about gaining benefits. For example, if you are offering insurance. It is good idea to use messages such as: “Get a FREE Quote”, “Let Us Call You”. You are taking a lot of pressure off  by using these type of call to action messages. I worry too much for example, that if I speak with someone they might charge me money only for the quote. There are plenty of factors that might make your customers hesitate and have a second thought about your  generic “CAT” message and you might not get any page clicks.

Point of View

Usually the supporting message and the call to action are like two elements that have to go together. For example,

Increase Your Website Revenue or Conversion Rate Within 30 Days. (Supporting Message)

Start enjoying your 30 Day Free Trial, Starting Today. (Benefit)

Show Me My Way>  (First Person, call to action)

The call to action is more effective in first person, rather than in second person. You can see the difference in the effect with the same message.

Show me My Way>                      Show Your Way>

You can immediately see the difference in the message.

Powerful Verbs and Adverbs

At the end of the day your main idea is to turn your page clicks into paying customers. To do exactly that, you need to use strategically placed adverbs and verbs that urge the customer for an action.  The best way to explain that is with an example.

landing page 1

Download Your Template Now

This template is designed to promote your content efficiently. The idea here is to add a time constraint to your call to action. “Now” is the best and simplest among all of them. You have to use this in combination with a verb. Give your audience the urge to “buy now”. Set a limited amount of time for your promotion with a timer. This will trigger your audience to act fast as they do not want to miss the deal.


It is very important to add your call to action strategically all over your landing page in order to boost page clicks and convert into sales.  Do not spam as by doing so you will harm your on-page SEO. It can be also very annoying and serve as a distraction. All you going to get is the “exit button”. 3 is the minimum amount of times that you should have your call to action on one landing page. Everything beyond that might become too much. The best way is to testify this information.

Test and Repeat

If you think there is any particular formula that will get you more page clicks, well there is not. Some landing pages’ work better for one type of audience and other just do not. I recommend first finding out who your audience really is by paying attention to your analytics data. This will help you to get started. Then you have to try with some of the examples and hacks in this post and change the data accordingly to achieve maximum results. One great tool is Hotjar that allows you to actually see what your audience is doing and record it.