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Best Free PowerPoint Templates Resources 2020


For many presenters, who aren’t good at designing their own slides, what would they do without PowerPoint templates? But, once you’ve had something useful, it is only human nature to ask for something even better. This is perhaps why most of us simply don’t like those default PowerPoint templates anymore. The alternative, however, requires buying expensive templates or hunting for websites which can give attractive presentation templates for free. Here are some of the best free PowerPoint template resources to help you make stylish presentations with the aid of professionally designed presentation templates.


FPPT, which is an acronym for Free PowerPoint Templates is a website best known for its lifetime supply of free templates. If you can think of a subject worthy of a presentation, FPPT is more than likely to have a free template for you. The free templates at FPPT make use of attractive graphics, images and minimalist layouts to give presenters something that is easy enough to use for their professional, personal and academic presentations. The Business Decisions PowerPoint Template shown below is a good example of how FPPT provides professional looking slide decks with the aid of subtle imagery and intelligently placed text placeholders to help create slides that stand out. FPPT has a mammoth collection of more than 7000 free PowerPoint templates.


Then there are also some nice, abstract presentation templates that you can opt for. The Design PPT Template shown below is one good example of an abstract design that can help you visually attract an audience using unconventional graphics.



If you want professional PowerPoint templates, especially business oriented slide decks, then it’s hard to think of a website that can match the quality of free templates at SlideHunter.com.The templates at SlideHunter are so good that it’s hard to imagine that they are all available for free. SlideHunter provides everything form editable business diagrams to presentation decks with 3D layouts, sample timelines, educational layouts, silhouettes and more.

The free Invoice PowerPoint Template is an example of the kind of diverse templates that SlideHunter has to offer. With this template you can present an invoice before an audience and even create printable invoice by editing the default layout. Such multi-purpose templates are very hard to find, especially for free.


Here is another awesome professional PowerPoint template by SlideHunter which depicts a sample diagram which you can edit to create a scenario analysis. This Free Scenario Analysis PowerPoint Template contains three sample slides with different sample diagrams which you can edit to present your professional analysis with the aid of some nice graphics and an easy to understand layout. Needless to say, the given diagrams can be easily edited with immense ease. Like many of the SlideHunter templates, the objects in this template are editable. In other words, you can easily edit the diagram by selecting and editing individual parts of the diagram. SlideHunter has a large archive of free templates for PowerPoint, which includes more than 4000 free templates.



PPT Templates is another great resource for downloading some amazing PPT Templates. While PPT Template doesn’t have an archive as large as SlideHunter or FPPT, however, the available PowerPoint templates have very impressive designs.
The Free Fingerprint Circle PowerPoint Template is an example of the kind of elegant PPTs you can download at PPT Template. This free template starts with an illustration of a finger print, with text tied to the main illustration implying that a fingerprint match is underway. There is also space for adding your title and subtitle. If you are looking for PPTs that can be attention grabbing and come with dark, vibrant imagery, then PPT Template is the place to go.


Professional PowerPoint Templates

While the internet might have spoiled us to demand free stuff, the good things in life usually have a price tag, worth the money. While you can download free PowerPoint templates from the above mentioned websites, you might want to opt for a paid resource to be able to make a real impact. There are websites that offer PowerPoint templates that can be edited down to virtually every single object in the slide. And these are exactly the kind of templates that can help you make professional presentations that can impress your audience; be it your boss, colleagues, clients or potential investors.


SlideModel is an excellent resource for downloading Professional PowerPoint Templates which are most suited for professional presenters. Whether you are a business professional, someone in the real-estate business, a sales representative, doctor, teacher or someone engaged in the tourism industry, you can greatly benefit from SlideModel’s archive of more than 10,000 professionally designed PowerPoint templates. While SlideModel is a site for premium templates, it also has a few slide bundles available for free.
The Flat Design Icons Website Development Template comes with a Modern, Flat Design, which makes it perfect for professional presentations. You can use this template in a number of ways, such as to create wireframes and mockups for your clients or to create a slide deck which can be used for presenting project ideas before a client or potential investor.



PowerPoint-Templates.com is another website worth a look. It offers some interesting PPTs, with some nice graphics and minimalist layouts. The site even offers a button to open templates directly to PowerPoint Online, which is a free Microsoft web app for users with a Microsoft account. Alternatively, you can hit ‘Download’ to fetch the PPTs for offline use.


Free Templates for Google Slides

While all the above mentioned websites contain templates which can also be used with Keynote and Google Slides, you might want to check out a resource that provides exclusive Google Slides Templates. Free Google Slides Templates is an awesome website which offers something that is hard to find, i.e. exclusive templates for Google Slides. What’s great about the templates on this website is that the slides come with elaborate designs and each template has a number of sample slides with different interesting layouts. Free Google Slides Templates might just be one of the very few websites which offers templates for Google Slides which are as good as professional PowerPoint templates provided by various third-party developers.



The resources mentioned above are enough to provide any presenter with a lifelong supply of PowerPoint presentation templates and slides for Google Slides. Moreover, the diversity and impressive slide designs make these website more than worthy to be on our list. With a combined collection of more than 20,000 templates, the above mentioned websites are sure to keep you busy choosing between the most awesome presentation templates you can ever find.