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9 Bad Habits You Have to Exclude from Your Daily Routine Starting Now – 2024 Guide


The bad habits are chasing each one of us daily. Productivity and self-control in your daily agenda means everything from getting up early to preparing for work or just studying for exam. Bad habits are not influenced by your social status or the years of experience they can appear at any time.

We continue to sabotaging our own daily agenda with very little simple things that we cannot even notice. This article will help you to clearly identify some of the bad habits we all experience regardless and hopefully replace them with productivity.

We all know the path to success is long. However, it becomes even longer when the bad habits are creeping upon us daily and thus the path to success becomes even longer. In a long term this, might be the reason for you to be fired, fail an exam or even worst becoming very miserable person.

A research from University of Chicago, IL. Conducted by affiliate of authors, have concluded the following: A gradient of self-control during the childhood is clear evidence for health, stable mental health, wealth, success and public safety.

1. The Usage of Phone, Tablet or Computer

This is a big one and many of us do not even realize, how bad and harmful this bad habit is. I must say that it, would be even harder to break it up and gain better self-control over it.

I should make a point here. Technology is part of our daily routine and today perhaps 80% of our jobs are related with the usage of technology. However, you must be aware that there is a boundary between everything. Each individual person requires self-assessment in order to identify your own break up point. For example, where all of this can is excessive and can turn into bad habit.

I personally break if, I start scrolling my news feed on Facebook longer than 5 minutes. It is extremely harmful to have that habit before bed time. It is scientifically proven that the blue light, plays important role in the mood regime, energy level and the sleep quality time of people.

The long exposure to the screen of your electronic device, might kick back seriously and this, might have long lasting effects in your life.

2. Suffering the Internet Impulsively Becomes One of the Bad Habits

social media interactions in business

It takes at least 15 min average to focus on a task before you fully engage. Once your mind set into the state of increased productivity also known as work flow everything changes. It is obvious that people in work flow state, would be more productive than the one with no work flow status.

Just do the math. I personally lose control of my work flow just for seconds, especially when I feel little tired but, I still have to do work. If you click out to check your Facebook news feed or the sports news etc. It will take you another 15 min at least until you fully engage into work flow. If you do multiple clicks or receive different distractions outside of your work, this might take you an entire day. At the end of the day, you will have this regretful feeling about yourself that, you could have done better today.

3. Checking Your Phone During Meeting or Conversation


This can be not only putting people off but also your productivity will plummet rapidly without notice. I do receive, perhaps 100 notifications per day. I do engage myself with people on a daily basis, it would mean very bad for my business meetings or personal life, if I had to reply to all e-mails or notifications coming through.

Instead try to set designated time to respond e-mails and other sorts of notifications suggests Timothy Ferris in his “4-hour work week” book.

This is proven productive way to tackle the daily life distractions.

4. You Should Say “No” When You Have to Say “Yes”

San Francisco’s University, California has conducted a research that is more difficult for  you to say “NO” to certain situations, the likelier it is to experience stress, discomfort and depression. The situations like that are as a result of your weak personality and the lack of self-control. Most of the times, we do say “YES” just because we want to be polite with difficult people but that is emotional trap.

Furthermore, avoiding saying “YES” to situations that you should not be saying will definitely improve your self-control and as consequences it will be beneficial for your long term self-benefit.

5. The Thought of Difficult Toxic People.

I have personally have put so much useful time to think about toxic people, which is one of the bad habits, I had. However, practicing this thought alone can become bad habit and you can find yourself thinking and talking about this negative experience with the difficult people and as a result you will get stressed.

Very good practice to avoid and prevent this from happening is if you focus your thoughts towards person in your life or outside. Think about how this person has helped you or part of his behavior will help you, after you apply it within your life.

I try to follow a lot of great influencers and I am sure that each one of you has someone on their own.

6. Multitasking

Under no circumstances do not multitask. This will lead you to take weak and costly decisions which, of course can be avoided. If you are at a meeting or place and you try to split your time and multitask, one of them will be affected badly.

I did not read this from a book or an online resource. I am speaking from my own personal experience. I continued with the multitasking for so long that became one of my bad habits. It caused me to be unhappy and as result of my badly taken decisions during the multitasking it made me feel miserable and stressed.

My personal advice is to do one thing but do it right from the first time. Do not think, that you will finish a job faster or you will be more productive with your work if you multitask. Remember, that this can backfire if you have made not so obvious mistake at the time you perform your task.

7. Gossiping

One more thing that is not so obvious, however still considered as one of the bad habits is the gossiping. It is just unbelievable, hoe much time we spent a day talking about other people. At the beginning for some of us this might be funny and entertaining. Eventually it gets tiring and starts to affect your performances and productivity by losing self-control.

It also hurts other people and even worst you are risking to put your personality into the difficult people range and can be seen as toxic person by others around you.

The result of this bad habit is just staggering. However, there is always better solution or things to not let yourself into this emotional trap. Focus on the ideas, focus on your dreams and try to improve yourself.

“Great minds discuss ideas, average ones discuss events and the small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.  

8. Taking Too Long to Take a Decision

One of the bad habits of the society is waiting too long to take a decision. I have done this so many times and believe me it did not bring me neither positive result or happiness.

Waiting for something like, me writing this page and conducting hours of research and constantly thinking that this post will be no good for anyone is just a bad habit. If I was sat there thinking that my ideas are not good and everything, I attempt to write just sucks. I would end up with blank page at the end of my day.

The question remains, how can you really produce a great content or a product if you never start?

The answer to that is very simple, you just do not know that. Learn from your own mistakes and evolve along the way. Some of the greatest entrepreneurs never hesitate when they started their businesses.

Some of the greatest authors never hesitated to express their thinking, emotions and experience towards their readers.

You can perhaps edit badly written page, but you cannot edit blank page. The same applies to your feature and if you do not take a decision right now this will become one of the bad habits which will destroy your entire life.

9. Comparing and Complaining

If comparing and complaining becomes one of your bad habits, I am afraid that you are no longer the master of your own mind.

Everyone is individual and unique on their own. Do not mix the circumstances and as a result start to complain to others, by doing so you are automatically becoming toxic person.

If you have achieved anything in life, do not compare yourself with other’s success. You risk to take the pleasure out of your own success and achievements.

You do not have to seek for feedback and people’s opinion about the success you have gained. The satisfaction, should naturally come within you.

Practicing and focusing to eliminate at least some of these bad habits above will significantly improve your life. Remember, to practice and do not panic if you do not see an improvement from day one. In order for you to see and experience noticeable effect time is needed, because the good things in life require some time.