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How To Know If Your Toyota Parts Are Genuine?

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It is common for many people to look for used or refurbished parts when they need to repair their cars. The main advantage is that you can save a lot of money. Also, if you are driving some older models, it will be faster as well. Besides that, there is a chance that the official car company is not delivering parts for your car anymore.

Moreover, it is important to learn more about mechanics and in what condition the parts have to be. In some cases, you should never go for used parts, like when it comes to tires or braking systems. The main issue is that there are so many refurbished options available today, which could cause issues. In that matter, the best option is to look for original equipment manufacturers. In case that you need genuine Toyota parts, check here.

However, the problem is that there are so many websites where we can order all kinds of parts for our vehicles. It can be tricky because we can never be sure whether they are genuine or not. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the best ways to determine whether the car parts are genuine.

Check Serial Number

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One of the easiest methods to check whether the store where you are buying parts is reliable is to compare the serial numbers and other marks with an official database. If the equipment is approved by the official brand, there should be more information available on their website.

You should be able to see information related to the name of the product, year of production, to check if it is new or refurbished, and more. Besides the serial code, many companies are now using QR codes and RFID.

Learn to Spot a Scam

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First of all, you should always use some of the methods that we mentioned since it is the easiest way to find out whether the parts are reliable. If the retailer company is trustworthy, there should never be an issue if you are asking for more details about their products. Still, a lot of people prefer using websites where they can trade with other people, and that is the place where the risks of the scam are getting higher.

You should keep in mind that a seller on these websites won’t have any legal responsibility even after selling you fake parts. In that matter, you should learn more about the features and design of the equipment you need. Fake parts can look almost the same, but there are always some small details that will help you to spot the difference.

Main Risks of Buying Fake Parts

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It depends on the issue that you have with your vehicle. In some cases, it maybe won’t matter if parts are not genuine. For example, if you are dealing with some visual upgrades or interior. The most important is that they have a high quality.

However, there is no guarantee that they will have a decent quality when you don’t know who is the producer. When it comes to parts that are essential for the proper functions of the vehicle, many risks could cause even bigger issues.

For instance, installing an unreliable part can lead to a complete failure of the engine or some other parts. In that matter, if you need valves, belts, spark plugs, or any other equipment that is essential for the engine of your Toyota, there is no reason to risk getting a fake part only to save some money.

It might cause additional expenses as well in case that you face issues after installing such parts. Furthermore, you should never buy braking systems on the market for second-hand parts. In case that you need new brakes, the best solution is to always look only for licensed stores.

The same is with parts related to electric systems, hydraulics, and other parts of the car, where some pieces can get worn off over time. Also, it is not recommended to buy windshields from unknown producers as well.

What Are the Reliable Methods?

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With the expansion of online stores in recent years, shopping is more convenient, but there are risks of getting scammed. In that matter, you should always look for more details about the retailer, where does he get the products, and are these parts approved by Toyota or any other brand.

We are aware that many people will look for an alternative option to save some money, but you should keep in mind that placing less reliable parts could cause even bigger problems, and higher expenses as well. If you are not sure about the store, you can always look for some comments and ratings on the internet, and check the experience of previous customers.

If there is a lack of information on the website which makes you not sure about the originality, you can always contact the store by sending an e-mail or calling them. If you need a part that is essential for the functioning of the engine, a reliable store will provide you information about the products and is it a good idea to install it in your car.


One of the main reasons why Toyota is one of the most popular brands for so many years is that their cars are known for being reliable and long-lasting. However, proper maintenance is always necessary. Therefore, you will need to find a good and reliable retailer in case that you need some spare parts for the repair.

The official Toyota distributors might be the most expensive option on the market, but you will be more secure, and they will provide you with a guarantee as well. That will also help you to keep your car in good condition for a longer time and avoid the need for additional repairs, which is not the case when you are risking by buying cheap alternatives from unknown distributors. In the end, saving a few hundred is a good choice, but you have to be sure that the equipment you bought will serve properly.