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Apple Fail Brands – Infographic


Admit it or not, Apple products are now one of the most recognizable brands in the world. How did they succeed in doing so, what made Apple’s design and branding so distinctive? Those who were familiar with Steve Jobs will say that he was an incorrigible perfectionist, everything had to be perfect and worked out to the smallest detail. Apple engineers and designers were making hundreds of audits and checks for each prototype of each product.

Jobs’ “maniacal obsession” is obviously paid off. Each of gadgets that appeared on the market practically was immediately recognizable and customers are easily identified with it and recognize it as something that they really need. Every new Apple product (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook …) is currently more “known” than any other product.

Development and design direction of Apple are clear. They are especially dedicated to a slim and stylish design, and intuitive “user-friendly” and user-oriented technology. The result was a huge sales success, and how many people like to call  – Apple is one of the leaders in new technologies.

How did Steve Jobs managed all this? The company followed a few simple but very precisely defined rules. Each new product was in line with Jobs’ standards for clean and flawless design. We can safely say that the design is something that is at Apple in the first place. Namely, at Apple believe that just design must complement and enhance the functionality of each product, not the opposite. In Apple’s design is recognizable elegance, aesthetics and simplicity, epithets that adorn each of its products, no matter how big or small.

Although at first glance, Apple’s design philosophy seems simple, in practice it is not so – because that it is, all companies would be successful as Apple. But they aren’t. It is hard to achieve simplicity and recognition, but Apple has apparently succeeded. You know that beautiful packaging sells the product better than its quality. Perhaps maybe is that the key for success of Apple who has no might always the best product that is on the market (if we look at the hardware side), but they know how to “pack” and “sell”. But there is always the other story behind success, Apple also got fail brands in its kitty too, check out infographic below: