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All You Wanted to Know About SPAM Messages

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What are the SPAM messages? In short, any mail that is sent to the mass,on the many email address, without the consent of the owner of email address which is containing the propaganda message is spam.

Thus, each sending of messages to email addresses that you bought from someone or alone collected on interet, in newspapers, of acquaintances, is SPAM. Therefore, do not send emails to any messages to the big amount of email adresses unless you do not have your client list, in which the customers gave permission for receiving newsletter or when ordering your services.

How to recognize spam messages?

If you ask yourself how some things got to the your mailbox, there is a high probability that it is SPAM. According to the content, the majority of it is characterized by commercial advertising of various products, instructions for a fast buck or suspicious offer of services on one or other side of the law. As far as looks, spam email is struck by its large letters in many colors, with lots of exclamation points and misspelling (to avoid rule-based filters which are the most commonly used).

Millions of spam messages infiltrate our email accounts every day, in most cases being sent directly to our junk folders. Spam comes in all shapes and sizes: Vendors opting for guerilla product marketing, scammers phishing for personal data, fraudsters trying to load malware onto your PC…or even all of the above. Let’s see where the spam messages in your junk box came from.

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