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All About Amazon: Interesting Facts, Stats, History Timeline & More


Amazon started their business 20 years ago in the garage, and now they have even more employees than Microsoft. There are very few people on the Internet who have not heard of Amazon.com. Their slogan “Earth’s biggest selection”, shows that they are the largest in its field and the vast majority of Internet users knows that.

All about Amazon

Back in 1995 Amazon opened the virtual doors of their shops and then, only a few people knew what the word Amazon.com even means. Was their brand recognizable than? Well, very little. Becoming a global brand is not so easy. Probably on the incredible rise of Amazon.com you can find a volumes analysis of its successful activities. Certainly in the last decade Amazon.com applied almost all the new ideas of marketing and branding, and many invented and patented. However, the key factor of its success, in addition to incredibly good on-line business model, is how Amazon established initial communication with prospective customers. As of the little-known site for book, they created a multi-national corporate giant.

So, if you want find out more about Amazon.com, below is infographic with every you wanted to know about it, some interesting facts, stats, history timeline and other, check it out:

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