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5 Free Infographic Tools You Didn’t know Existed

Create infographics from scratch might be not as easy as it looks. Next to great story, facts, data and statistics you need tools, which would allow you to build infographics. Professional design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe After Effects is quite expensive and requires advanced skills to use it. Fortunately, there are many free infographic tools online, which would simplify creation process and allow you to build infographics quickly. Infographic design tools offers pre-made design variations, which you can edit by adding or removing infographic elements of your choice. Free online infographic tools such as Infogr.am, Easel.ly, Piktochart are widely known and has been discussed many times on various blogs. Therefore this post will be dedicated to a free infographic tools online you didn’t know existed (or at least they are mentioned not that often as Visually, Piktochart or Infogr.am).

Databoard for Research Insights by Google

Databoard for Research Insights by Google – Do you need some facts or data for your infographic presentation? You shouldn’t have to go data mining. Google created this interactive tool to help you quickly find what you need from their vast archives of industry-leading research. It’ll even help you tell a story from the stats, turning selected charts and data points into infographics that you can share. This free infographic tool allows you to share, embed or download infographics in PDF. The advantage of this tool is enormous amount of research data available for free. All you need is to select data that matters to you and compose it into a single infographic. Quick demo how to use this free tool shown in this video:

Wideo.co – Free Infographic Video Tool

As described by this awesome tool creators “Wideo is the perfect online video tool, that allows you to easily make animation videos for your product demo, presentations, teaching lessons, or just to have some fun.” Video infographics are really difficult to create if you don’t have installed professional software on your device or ,especially, if you are infographic design beginner. That’s why you will definitely enjoy this free infographic tool! You can check out this promo video and give it a try :

Canva.com – Free Graphic Design Tool

Canva.com is a powerful and free graphic design tool online to make flyers, presentations, Facebook covers, blog graphics, business cards, posters or invitations. By using Canva anyone can build awesome and outstanding infographics for free. This video tells you more about brilliant graphic design tool Canva.com

and here is a quick demo how to build free infographics using Canva.com:

Vizualize.me – Free Infographic Resume Tool

Visual CV is a new trend and really popular these days. You can read our previous post about infographic resume and find out more of this new type of CV.
Vizualize.me allows you to express your professional accomplishments in visual way just with one click.
Here is a good example of how your infographic might look like:

Prezi.com – Free Presentations Tool

Prezi.com is awesome data visualization tool. You can build visualizations using professionally designed templates, find inspiration and content you can reuse from Prezi.com massive library. Infographic template shown in this video was build with prezi.com. You can build your own infographic from scratch using Prezi or check out large templates library: