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2016 Web UX Design Trends

Infographic 2016 Web UX design trends

The secrets of successful web sites are quite simple and based on the basic principles of design. A striking, efficient site will be conspicuous, easy to remember and have a sense of uniqueness to some level. Such sites will remain in the mind of the viewer in relation to competition sites and is much more likely to result in the return traffic.

However, good design does not begin and end with the visual aspects of the products. To truly succeed and achieve satisfied customers, the website must be accessible and “user-friendly”. In other words, must put the emphasis on the user experience or UX. Paying attention to UX will lead to better the resulting product.

Which UX design trends will rule in 2016?

Now that we’re nearing the end of 2015, web designers and UX experts are setting their sights on what 2016 will bring. While there’s no shortage of web design “trend reports” floating around the Internet, most simply tend to focus on what’s trending in terms of visual style.

So check out this infographic by the team at The Deep End, which identifies 10 web UX  design trends that have the most potential to actually convert users into customers:

Infographic 2016 Web UX design trends