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2014 Halloween Infographic – Halloween Statistics

Soon it will be Halloween. Do you even know how is formed the scariest night of the year?

Contrary to popular belief, Halloween is not an American product!

It is believed that Halloween has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain – the harvest festival that celebrates the Celtic deities, and was held until the Middle Ages. The festival celebrates the end of the “light half” and the beginning of “dark half” of the year. Sometimes celebrated as the Celtic New Year.

The ancient Celts believed that the border between this world and the world of the dead became just the thinnest during Samhain. Then spirits, benign and those evil, exceed that limit and come into this world. Celts during the feast celebrating the spirits of ancestors and they inviting them into their home, while the evil spirits are impelled out of their home.

To be able to intimidate and repel the evil spirits, they wore masks and strange costumes. Likewise, the Celts were putting on the windows of their dwellings carved turnips with various horrific faces, which are also supposed to scare evil spirits. Pumpkins are put into circulation by Americans in the 19th century because pumpins were cheaper and easier to gouging and cutting.

Today Halloween is a secular festival, without religious symbols and it’s spread all over the world. Around Halloween was developed a very rich consuetude. In the United States, children usually put costumes and visit the neighborhood in search of candy, a little older visit costume parties, almost every household decorates a garden or balcony with pumpkins and lanterns, some places offer organized tour to haunted castles and other buildings, some tell stories about ghosts and other horrific creatures and watch horror movies.

If you are fan of Halloween, we wish you a good time!

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