Hilary Duff Dead? The Latest Victim Of A Celebrity Death Hoax

Posted on August 8th, 2011 at 11:06 am

This is getting old ... really fast. Hilary Duff is not dead, and she certainly didn't fall off the Kauri Cliffs as online rumors have suggested. Over the weekend, someone using the Global Associated News website, generated a bullsh*t story about the star's untimely demise.

Soon after, gullible Duff fans started fueling the rumor on Twitter; it didn't take long for pure panic set in with some users writing messages like:

"Omg! Hilary Duff is dead ? Nooooo ... I'm gonna cry. Can someone tell me its not true!" and "If Hilary Duff is dead, my childhood is shattered."

Well, Hilary is alive and well. She was spotted on Sunday arriving with hubby Mike Comrie at her sister Haylie's house in Toluca Lake.

  • 6 Responses

    1. Mike says:

      Really do people not have better things to talk about? 

    2. Debby says:

      Stupid people!! Leave Hilary alone!! Do people not have better things to talk!!! C’mon!! ¬¬

    3. Bkjondoe says:

      omg some random nobody died, my life is over! is this really what it has come to…

    4. Maja:) says:

      Oh dear lord. -.- .. Who is next?!

    5. Maja:) says:

      Oh dear lord. -.- .. Who is next?!

    6. Wow.. what pathetic people come up with such false allegations? Really.. Hilary Duff is due to have her baby boy anytime soon:) People really need to get their own lives and stop trying to ruin others! 

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