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A 15 Mythic Key Party — How to Gather One?

Ever since it came out on November 23rd, Shadowlands has been reviewed as Pop’s most ambitious and exciting expansion. Although at first, it may seem complicated, each system is very elegantly interconnected. The developer has also made things easier by introducing linear progress in the game and unlocking the content to simplify everything that is new in the expansion to players.

When a game like this has been on the market for so long, you must be thinking about whether it can keep the excitement element? Although a lot of things have already been implemented long ago, making gamers familiar with the content, much of Shadowlands was made quite diverse. Innovative enough to entertain the masses. Whether those who gave up on the game will be persuaded to come back is still questionable, the fact that this expansion is one of the best that came out so far is undeniable.

What’s the story behind the Mythical dungeons?

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One of the elements in the game that will surely keep things interesting is the Mythic dungeons. To enter one, you’ll need a key. Each key is earned by entering and completing the dungeon. When the completion is successful, the key you used will transform into a different one, which also signifies the level increase.

Being in a guild comes in handy at this point, because only one person needs to have a key in order for the whole group to enter a dungeon. That’s the reason everyone’s talking about Mythic 15 boost. Mythic 15 boost is a challenge required to achieve weekly 252 ilvl gear rewards. Naturally, it’s a task for the brave and tough. In this expansion, you’ll face 8 mythic dungeons:

  • Plaguefall
  • De Other Side
  • Theater of Pain
  • Sanguine Depths
  • The Necrotic Wake
  • Hall of Atonement
  • Spires of Ascension
  • Mists of Tirna Scythe

Normally, every serious player will read through the experiences of others in playing each dungeon, and what you’ll conclude is there are those you’ll complete easier than others. On the other hand, the harder they are to complete the better the reward is. Things get only worse when you realize that you need to complete each dungeon 15 times in a row — this is the only way to obtain the top-ranking gear.

As a Keystone level grows, so does the difficulty. Dungeon bosses will produce more devastating attacks. Regular mobs will be tougher to kill. So, how to gather a successful party for this?

Team Building

So, a worthy crew is an answer. But where to find one? And what should you pay attention to?


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For starters, choose a guild that fits your level of raid mastery. You can monitor the trade chats or the guild/realm forums to find a team that is worth it. Parties that hunt after +15 mythic gear often tend to recruit 30 players.

So, you get a chance to become a “spare wheel” when it’s time for another Mythic raid, as stated by Wowcarry. (Sometimes, the chosen players can’t make it for various reasons). Also, pay attention to their in-group etiquette aka “level of toxicity”, punctuality and previous guild success.


Being hot-headed won’t get you anywhere far, so if you want to progress in the game, first think, then make a strategy alone, then share it with your guild. What you’ll notice as you level up is that dungeons have affixes. They are there to give your enemies new skills, to make completing the dungeon more challenging. Basically, you’ll never know what you’ll get, because they rotate on a weekly basis. However, if you’re informed well, you might just get this information from others, or prepare yourself by finding the list of affixes online.


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The second most important success component is communication. Even if your party comprises average players with average gear, you have a high chance to prevail if you act like one.

Your guild should have a Discord or another channel via which you can plan and strategize. Avoid teams that are in disarray because they can’t agree on how to take down Doctor Ickus or who should be the commanding leader.

Speed and accuracy

Time is important. Each of the dungeons you’ll have to complete is timed. Besides this, the successful killing of the bosses depends on killing regular monsters. In some, you’ll need to finish a couple of regular monsters to be able to successfully finish the boss. What you can use as an additional power-up, is the Great Vault. It is available for opening once a week, and will give you even better gear. Make sure you use it well.


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It’s also important to know who you’re sharing this noble crusade with. Your teammates should know everything about their character class and understand which skills, potions, and tactics suit them best. This applies to you as well. Study your class intensely. Here you will find the basics on all of them. And encyclopedias like WoWpedia will give you more detailed tips.


Empirically, we know the most popular formula for a Mythic raid team:

  • Fire Mage
  • Balance Druid
  • Marksmanship Hunter
  • Vengeance Demon Hunter
  • The healer — Resto Shaman or Druid

This pack has a nicely balanced synergy, but it’s not a definitive formula. It’s okay if your character doesn’t belong to any of the classes. Just remember that your team needs one medic and at least 3 powerful damagers. Plus, such talents as Resurrection in Battle or Spell Interruption are also a must-have.

Joining Pros

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The final and easiest option is to join a professional WoW-team. They will help you to beat each dungeon and collect the legendary loot. You don’t have to be a WoW veteran. You won’t need a dizzily high level. Instead, you’ll be assisted by the experts through every single dungeon while your rank grows. It won’t just be lots of fun. It’ll also save you a lot of time: every dungeon requires almost 40 minutes to finish. So, don’t delay and go with the pros and become the Shadowland Keystone Master.