Are George Clooney And Tom Cruise Feuding?! 

Still A Rumor

Are George Clooney and Tom Cruise fighting?! According to a new report, the two superstars are in a “long-running feud.” The rumor started after Clooney opened up to Esquire about how he prefers to take smaller movie roles as he ages. “There are actors you’ll see that try to hold… Read More

Tom Cruise Top Gun 2- Is It Happening?! 


Top Gun fans everywhere are rejoicing at the news of a possible second follow up to the original blockbuster film! Tom Cruise Top Gun 2- Is It Happening?! The Latest Details! Jerry Bruckheimer took to his Twitter page to dish on a meeting between him and legendary Top Gun star… Read More

Nicole Kidman No Regrets Over Tom Cruise Marriage 


Superstar Nicole Kidman has no regrets over her marriage to Tom Cruise. It was one of the highest profile divorces in Hollywood and it is understood that the pair no longer talk with one another. The 48-year-old Australian Oscar winner spoke about her ten-year marriage to Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, 53…. Read More

Nicole Kidman Divorce From Tom Cruise Unleashed Her Creativity 


14 long year later, Nicole Kidman is finally opening up about her divorce from ex-husband Tom Cruise. The actress got candid during an appearance at the Women In the World Summit in London on Thursday, where she admitted that her split from Tom opened up doors of creativity for her, as the… Read More

Did Isabella Cruise Get Married? 

Still A Rumor

Did Isabella Cruise Get Married? Reports are circulating that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s daughter Isabella Cruise has got married. Their adopted daughter has reportedly tied the know with boyfriend Max Parker in London. The pair have only been reportedly dating for one year. According to Woman’s Day magazine Isabella… Read More

Tom Cruise Mansion Sold-Get The Scoop! 


Tom Cruise is moving on up- and OUT! The Mission Impossible star just sold his MASSIVE 2.4 acre estate in the Hollywood hills for $11.4 MILLION! Tom Cruise Mansion Sold-Photos-Tom Cruise On daddy Duty With Suri!  Cruise’s estate is actually so big; it boasts two separate houses on the same… Read More

Tom Cruise Crew Crash- The Latest Details! 


New developments have come forward regarding the plane crash that left two dead in a mountainous region of Columbia. The plane’s three occupants had just wrapped up shooting the new Tom Cruise movie, “Mena.” Among the dead were Hollywood stunt pilot Alan D. Purwin and Carlos Brel. In statement released… Read More

Katie Holmes Gets Arty With Suri Cruise 


Katie Holmes got arty with her daughter Suri Cruise. The actress posted an Instagram image of Suri showing her doing some board painting. Suri, 9, who is rarely seen in public these days, has certainly got a lot bigger over the summer. And Katie, 36, seems to be very much… Read More

Is Tom Cruise Engaged To Emily Thomas?! 


Is Tom Cruise engaged?! Rumors of a romance between the A-Lister and film assistant Emily Thomas started brewing last year and now new reports suggest the duo are set to tie the knot. But a source close to the situation tells People rumors of an engagement “are utterly made up… Read More

Tom Cruise Girlfriend Emily Thomas: Five Things To Know 


Superstar Tom Cruise seems smitten with English beauty Emily Thomas. The Katie Holmes look-alike was reportedly hand-picked to work with him on Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. And according to reports the pair have now grown close both on and off set. So, here’s 5 things to know about the English… Read More