Vivid To Offer The Bachelor Jade Sex Tape Deal 


Unless you’re really into porn, you probably didn’t know who Jade Roper was until she appeared on The Bachelor where it was revealed the 28-year-old starred in two nude videos with Playboy. The Nebraska native, who moved from her hometown to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in “modeling,”… Read More

Ashley Bachelor In Paradise: Is It True?! 

Although Chris Soules gave her the boot during episode four of The Bachelor, Ashley Salter quickly won the hearts of Bachelor Nation with her quirky personality. But don’t worry — Ashley S. will be back! Because Chris Harrison offered the bubbly blonde a spot on the franchise’s spin-off Bachelor In… Read More

The Bachelor Jade Playboy Past: ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ 


Chris Soules gave Jade Roper the axe just days after she revealed her Playboy past on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor. Although Prince Farming promised Jade that her revelation of posing nude for the publication had nothing to do with her getting booted from the show, many didn’t buy… Read More

The Bachelor: Carly Waddell Eyebrows Get Fixed With Fakes! 


Carly Waddell is best known for having bad eyebrows on The Bachelor. The reality star’s pin thin and poorly shaped brows have been a hot topic among the Twittersphere throughout season 19 of the hit ABC show. After receiving much criticism from haters hiding behind their computer screens, Waddell has… Read More

The Bachelor Britt Apologizes For Meltdown 


After holding herself together and keeping her cool this entire season, Britt Nilsson finally cracked. During Sunday night’s part one of a two-part Bachelor special, the Hollywood waitress had a total meltdown. The girls got quite the shock when they took a trip to Chris Soules’ hometown of Arlington. “I’m… Read More

The Bachelor Britt Without Makeup — See The Pic! 


Britt Nilsson has earned herself popularity for being Chris Soules’ very obvious first pick so far on The Bachelor. But that’s not the only thing the Hollywood hottie has been known for this season. If you’ve been watching the hit ABC show, you know Britt wears a ton of makeup… Read More

Is Ashley Lying About Being Virgin? Courtney Robertson Weighs In 

Ashley I Lying About Being A Virgin Exclusive

Ashley Iaconetti has by far received most of the attention this season on The Bachelor. The season 19 contestant received attention after bragging and constantly insisting that she’s a virgin. But her promiscuous behavior is what really made the 26-year-old rise to the top in the popularity department. Iaconetti, whose… Read More

Courtney Robertson Predicts Kelsey Poe As Bachelor’s Next Villain 


If anyone can predict who will be The Bachelor‘s next villain, it’s Courtney Robertson. The franchise’s most famous villain is happy to pass the torch to Kelsey Poe — the 28-year-old widow vying for Chris Soules’ love. In the first few episodes of season 19, Poe quickly became a fan… Read More

The Bachelor Ashley Was Not Paid By ABC To Boost Ratings 


Ashley Salter A.K.A. “Onion Girl” will easily go down in Bachelor history as one of the most memorable contestants to ever grace the show. Although Chris Soules gave her the boot on Monday night’s episode, RumorFix was sad to see her go. But with her hilariously ditzy departure segment, many… Read More

Chris Harrison On Andi Dorfman Josh Murray Split 


Chris Harrison knew something was wrong with Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and fiance Josh Murray prior to the couple’s break up announcement. Appearing on Ryan Seacrest‘s morning show Tuesday, the 43-year-old host admitted “I knew things were a little off.” “They were being a little awkward and weird. But you know,… Read More

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