How Did Erin Storm Die? Erin Storm Dead 


Former season 12 contestant Erin Storm from The Bachelor has died in a plane crash accident in Los Angeles. How Did Erin Storm Die? Erin Storm Dead- Get The Latest Information The latest reports on the situation are stating Storm, who competed for the affection of Matt Grant, died after… Read More

Ben Higgins Lauren Bushnell The One- ‘I Always Knew’ 


Bachelor hunk Ben Higgins is finally opening up and revealing how he always knew Lauren Bushnell was “the one.” Ben Higgins Lauren Bushnell The One- ‘I Always Knew’- See What The Star Is Dishing To People! The star recently opened up about this new fiancé during an interview with People,… Read More

Sean Penn Watches The Bachelor?! 


Sean Penn watches The Bachelor? In what has to be one of the most random revelations we can remember, the two-time Oscar winner revealed that he and girlfriend Charlize Theron are fans of the ABC reality show. During an appearance Thursday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live he said they argue… Read More

Ashley Hebert, Jason Mesnick, And Other Bachelor Success Stories  


There’s only been two relationships that have lasted out of all 19 seasons of The Bachelor, and only three couples who have made it work from The Bachelorette’s 10 seasons. But, of course, The Bachelor spin-off’s like Bachelor In Paradise and Bachelor Pad have also spawned many non-official couples. So… Read More

Whitney Bischoff, Chris Soules No Wedding In The Works 


And the final rose goes to Whitney Bischoff. After a whirlind of a season on The Bachelor, Chris Soules finally narrowed his choice down to the Kentucky native, and sent Becca Tilley to the curb. But now it’s been three months since the engagement, and although it appears Prince Farming… Read More

Chris Soule’s Final Rose Goes To….(Possible Spoiler) 

Still A Rumor

Chris Soule’s final rose goes to Whitney Bischoff according to a prominent internet blogger. “Reality Steve” has been claiming since the show wrapped that it would be Whitney who gets to be Princess Farming  over chiropractic assistant Becca Tilley. He’s standing by his story and has let everyone know via… Read More

Vivid To Offer The Bachelor Jade Sex Tape Deal 


Unless you’re really into porn, you probably didn’t know who Jade Roper was until she appeared on The Bachelor where it was revealed the 28-year-old starred in two nude videos with Playboy. The Nebraska native, who moved from her hometown to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in “modeling,”… Read More

Ashley Bachelor In Paradise: Is It True?! 

Although Chris Soules gave her the boot during episode four of The Bachelor, Ashley Salter quickly won the hearts of Bachelor Nation with her quirky personality. But don’t worry — Ashley S. will be back! Because Chris Harrison offered the bubbly blonde a spot on the franchise’s spin-off Bachelor In… Read More

The Bachelor Jade Playboy Past: ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ 


Chris Soules gave Jade Roper the axe just days after she revealed her Playboy past on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor. Although Prince Farming promised Jade that her revelation of posing nude for the publication had nothing to do with her getting booted from the show, many didn’t buy… Read More

The Bachelor: Carly Waddell Eyebrows Get Fixed With Fakes! 


Carly Waddell is best known for having bad eyebrows on The Bachelor. The reality star’s pin thin and poorly shaped brows have been a hot topic among the Twittersphere throughout season 19 of the hit ABC show. After receiving much criticism from haters hiding behind their computer screens, Waddell has… Read More

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