Octomom’s Mom Dies 


The woman who was always there for Octomom — whether it was babysitting her 14 kids, mortgaging her home or buying groceries — has died, RumorFix is reporting exclusively. Angela Suleman was 74. Octomom’s mom was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer earlier this year. “I believe when the end… Read More

Could Octomom Nadya Suleman Be Heading To Prison? 


“Octomom” Nadya Suleman could be heading form the poor house to the big house. The mother of 14 has been charged with welfare fraud by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. They allege she failed disclose over $30,000 in income while on public aid. Suleman was charged in a… Read More

Octomom Hacked… Credit Report Revealed!! 


The list of celebrities who have been targeted by computer hackers is growing by the day and the latest victim is none other than Octomom! Nadya Suleman, or Nadya S. Gutierrez as she is listed on her newly revealed credit report, was added to a Russian website that seems to… Read More

Octomom’s Former Manager: The House Smells Like Urine; Kids Pee On Carpet — Exclusive 


Octomom’s former manager is revealing that Nadya Suleman’s children are living in the stench of urine and she’s on the road to destruction. Gina Rodriguez, who rescued Nadya Suleman from herself and creditors years ago, has quit, she tells RumorFix. “I quit because I could not work for her anymore…. Read More

Octomom’s Valentine’s Day Dates 


Octomom has a date with dozens and possibly hundreds of men on Valentine’s Day. The woman, who is famous for having the longest surviving octuplets, is appearing topless at T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach, Florida, Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night. She’s also going to be slinging drinks… Read More

Octomom: Need To Figure Out Where To Place My AVN Award 


Octomom is so excited you’d think she won an Oscar. “This is fantastic, what an honor,” Nadya Suleman, who starred in the self pleasure video Octomom Home Alone, tells RumorFix after winning an AVN award Saturday night.  The controversial mom of octuplets adds, “Seriously it has not sunk in yet… Read More

Octomom Is Broke, But Free To Strip Anywhere 


RumorFix has confirmed that Octomom is broke and is back on welfare, but  — as is often the case with America’s most famous mom — she just got some good news too! Nadya Suleman’s rep tells RumorFix that the mom of 14 is on welfare “temporarily” — apparently running out… Read More

Octomom’s “Roctuplets” Book First Public Performance 


Whether Octomom is in or out of rehab, she’s doing charity work with her famous octuplets, RumorFix has learned. The three-year-old octuplets– who are singing in a new Christmas video along with five of their older siblings– are now doing a public appearance. EXCLUSIVE: Octomom Extends Her Rehab Stint By 30 Days… Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Octomom Extends Her Rehab Stint By 30 Days 


RumorFix has learned exclusively that Octomom is extending her stay in rehab for another 30 days. Nadya Suleman, who gained worldwide fame by having the longest living octuplets, entered the Chapman House in late October for a prescription pill addiction as well as “anxiety, exhaustion and stress.” “After 30 days… Read More

Exclusive: Octomom Already Back In Rehab After Shooting Video Spoof 


A rep for Nadya “Octomom” Suleman is firing back against allegations made by RadarOnline that the troubled mother of 14 “doesn’t seem to be taking her rehab stint very seriously.” The gossip website claims that Nadya ditched rehab to shoot a country music video spoof, which is true, but a… Read More