Nicki Minaj Holds It Together After MTV VMA Wardrobe Malfunction 


Nicki Minaj being modest about her clothing? That’s what happened Sunday night during the MTV Video Music Awards when the Anaconda singer’s little black dress’ zipper broke while on stage with Jessie JKand Ariana Grande for “Bang Bang.” But the 31-year-old held it together – literally – by holding her… Read More

Rita Ora’s Priceless Reaction To Nicki Minaj VMA Performance 


Rita Ora seemed far from impressed during Nicki Minaj’s performance at the VMAs Sunday night. The rapper hopped on stage to perform her hit single “Anaconda” all while shaking her booty and twerking left and right to keep the audience attention. But Ora appeared terrified at the site of Nicki’s… Read More

Nicki Minaj Dress Splits In Half During VMA Wardrobe Malfunction [VIDEO] 

Untitled-12 True

What’s the VMAs without a little wardrobe malfunction?! Nicki Minaj had just that during her performance on stage Sunday night at The Forum in Inglewood, CA. The rapper was singing on stage with Ariana Grande and Jessie J for their new collaboration “Bang Bang” when Minaj’s dress appeared to literally… Read More

Anaconda All Right! Nicki Minaj’s Dancer Gets Bitten By Snake 


One of Nicki Minaj’s backing dancers got bitten by a snake during a rehearsal for the MTV Video Music Awards. And ironically the six feet long reptile bit the dancer as Minaj performed her latest hit “Anaconda” in Los Angeles on Friday. TMZ reported that the dancer was rushed to… Read More

Beyonce Raps About Jay Elevator Fight In New Remix With Nicki Minaj 


Finally, Beyonce has spoken about the elevator spat between her husband Jay Z and her sister Solange Knowles. And she did it in a pretty smart way … while rapping with Nicki Minaj on a remix of her hit “Flawless”. The remix dropped on Saturday night and Queen Bey made… Read More

Nicki Minaj: Why Is My Booty Unacceptable But Kate Upton’s Is?! 


Does Nicki Minaj think there’s a slight twinge of racism to “Anaconda” cover art booty shot? The 31-year-old singer posted the photo of her ample backside in nothing but a thong Thursday and was immediately hit with backlash from haters on her various social media sites. RELATED: Nicki Minaj Shows… Read More

Nicki Minaj Flaunts Her Bare Butt In G-String 


Oh-la-la! Nicki Minaj is going bottoms up to promote her new hit single “Anaconda.” PICTURES: WORLD’S MOST GLORIOUS BOOTIES The singer took to her social media to debut the front cover art for the song, which hits iTunes on Monday. The G-string clad star is seen with her legs wide… Read More

Nicki Minaj Live Performance Tonight But It’s Not What You Think 


Nicki Minaj has performed live hundreds possibly thousands of times, but nothing like what she’s going to do Friday at 12:01 a.m., RumorFix is reporting. The multi-platinum recording artist is launching her latest fragrance Minajesty Nicki Minaj Exotic Edition on HSN during a live appearance. PICTURES: WORLD’S MOST GLORIOUS BOOTIES Nicki’s… Read More

Nicki Minaj Grooves To Iggy Azalea — No Rivalry Here [VIDEO] 

iggy-azalea-at-BET-Awards Fixed

Sunday night Nicki Minaj puts rumors to rest that she has a rivalry with Iggy Azalea and RumorFix has the scoop. When the “Fancy” singer performed at the BET Awards, Nicki was showing off her sexy dance moves for the crowd. PICTURES: IGGY AZALEA’S BIKINI, BOOTY AND MORE The 24-year-old… Read More

Nicki Minaj Shows Off Dangerous Curves In Killer Dress 


Nicki Minaj likes to wear some pretty provocative outfits. But when she wears classy clothes, her perfect curves really shine. The 31-year-old showed off her killer body on Live! With Kelly & Michael Monday. Nicki, we LOVE this look!