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Lindsay Lohan Reveals She Had Miscarriage 


After a horribly boring premiere season of Lindsay on OWN, the show dropped a major bombshell on the audience during Sunday night’s finale. The troubled actress reveals she had a miscarriage! “No one knows this, and we can finish after this, I had a miscarriage for the two weeks that… Read More

Lindsay Lohan Admits She Wrote Sex List At Betty Ford Center 


Lindsay Lohan got candid Thursday night during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live. The starlet made a very serious revelation to Andy Cohen when he asked her about that legendary list she made of all the men she’s had sex with in Hollywood. Lohan got bold and actually admitted… Read More

Dina Lohan: An Offer We Could Not Pass Over 


Lindsay Lohan’s mom, Dina Lohan, has pleaded guilty to DWI, RumorFix has confirmed. Dina’s attorney, Mark Heller, tells RumorFix, “This being the first day of Passover, Dina Lohan was very gratified to receive an offer that we could not pass over — no jail, no probation and the opportunity to… Read More

VIDEO: Is Lindsay Lohan’s Reality Show Hurting Her Chances For Comeback? 

Still A Rumor

If Lindsay Lohan was hoping to show the world she’s a prompt professional who is a breeze to work with post-rehab via her OWN reality show, she’s doing the exact opposite. So far she’s stormed out of projects, lapsed in sobriety and even caused Oprah to drop the “F” bomb… Read More

‘Sober’ Lindsay Lohan Headed To The Coachella Festival? 


Lindsay Lohan is heading to the absolute worst place for a recovering addict to be — the giant three day party that is the Coachella Music & Arts Festival. The 27-year-old was jetting out of New York Wednesday night, heading to SoCal. She’s a frequent attendee, but it’s going to… Read More

Oprah Says Lindsay Lohan Is Just Doing OK 


David Letterman and Lindsay Lohan created a fun TV moment on Wednesday’s Late Show with David Letterman when they picked up the phone and called Oprah Winfrey. But, what’s really interesting is Oprah’s response to how Lindsay’s doing. PICTURES: SEXY PHOTOS OF LINDSAY BY TERRY RICHARDSON “No, I think she’s… Read More

Lindsay Lohan DID NOT Meet Her Half Brother, Says Mike Lohan Jr. 


On Lindsay Lohan’s docu-series she said she doesn’t want to meet her “random f**king” half-brother from her father Michael Lohan, but there are conflicting stories on whether she actually had a change of heart. Lindsay’s father and her brother are telling two completely different stories. Michael Lohan told RadarOnline that… Read More

Lindsay Lohan’s Rep Slams Money Woes Rumor, Assistant Did Not Quit 


Lindsay Lohan’s rep is coming to her defense, claiming reports of the starlet’s alleged financial woes are “not true.” On Wednesday, multiple outlets reported that LiLo’s assistant, Matt Harrell, left his job with the Mean Girls star because “she couldn’t afford to pay,” adding that it was especially easy for… Read More

How Lindsay Lohan Got The Paparazzi To Stop Following Her 


Lindsay Lohan has figured out how to keep the paparazzi from chasing her — stay clean. “I’ve been in LA for two weeks,” she says on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday, “and they don’t bother me now.” Why? “I don’t put myself in the same situations. There’s nothing left in… Read More

Lindsay Lohan Developing App: ‘Shazam For Clothes’ 


It’s a new and improved Lindsay Lohan. She spending more time talking about the good things she’s about to do rather than the bad things she’s done. On Monday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show, Lindsay says she’s working on a new app with her brother, Michael Lohan Jr., that will be “the… Read More

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