Is Lindsay Lohan Moving To Monaco? 

Still A Rumor

Lindsay Lohan is thinking about moving to Monaco. The actress could head to the millionaires paradise if her legal woes do not pan-out in California. TMZ is reporting that Lohan has been offered a chance to move to the French Principality by a wealthy benefactor. Lohan has a deadline on… Read More

Lindsay Lohan Community Service Slack Could Land Her In Jail 


Lindsay Lohan may be facing an arrest. LiLo is coming back to Cali to attend a court ordered probation progress report stemming from her 2012 reckless driving conviction. But bad news for the troubled starlet — TMZ reports she’s done less than 20 of the additional 125 community service hours… Read More

Lindsay Lohan’s Photoshop Fail 


Lindsay Lohan has found herself in the middle of a Photoshop scandal. The 28-year-old posted a photo to her Instagram dressed in  a black leotard that showed off her long legs and derriere. But her fans immediately started calling her out for altering the shot to make her legs thinner… Read More

Lindsay Lohan Defends N-Word 


Lindsay Lohan is defending the N-word usage in her Instagram post-Tuesday that landed her hot in water. This girl can’t seem to catch a break! RumorFix reached out to Lohan’s rep and she confirmed that Lindsay is sorry if she hurt anyone’s feelings and was simply referring to Kanye’s song “All… Read More

Lindsay Lohan Channels Kim Kardashian, Tries To Break The Internet 


Unlike Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan is “breaking the Internet” in a much more classy way. The starlet took to Instagram over the weekend to debut a sexy selfie of herself, with the caption, “Break the Internet with clothes on.” Showing off a bit of cleavage, LiLo posed with one foot… Read More

Lindsay Lohan To Star In New ‘Argo-Like’  Movie 


After spending several months in Europe working on her acting chops, RumorFix has exclusively learned that Lindsay Lohan is starring in a new “Argo-like” film. Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s dad, says although his daughter suffered from a Chikungunya scare, she’s is on the mend and already working on her secret film… Read More

Did Lindsay Lohan Photoshop Sexy Selfie? 

Still A Rumor

Did Lindsay Lohan photoshop sexy selfie? Lindsay Lohan is being accused of doctoring her latest Calvin Klein selfie on Instagram. Fans flocked to Lohan’s social media after the 28-year-old posted her sassy image claiming that it was not real. And judging by the evidence they could have a point as… Read More

Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized?! 


Lindsay Lohan hospitalized? Apparently so, but not for the usual “exhaustion” reasons. The red head landed in Londoin’s Edward VII hospital after contracting a tropical virus while on vacation in French Polynesia. The 28-year-old is reportedly still suffering the effects of Chikungunya, a mosquito-borne virus that she’s been battling since… Read More

Lindsay Lohan Virus Isn’t Effecting Star’s Vacation 


Lindsay Lohan is in good faith despite picking up a horrible virus while on vacation. “In good faith with good people. I refuse to let a virus effect my peaceful vacation,” she posted on Instagram Monday, along with the healthy-looking photo above. “Be safe and happy on the new year… Read More

Lindsay Lohan: Why Will Never Live In L.A. Again 


  Lindsay Lohan just completed her first successful work project in years, and she credits it to the fact she is far away from life in Los Angeles. “I can go for a run here on my own,” she says. “I do every morning, early, and I think how my… Read More

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