Lindsay Lohan Dating Vladimir Putin? 


Is Lindsay Lohan dating Vladimir Putin? “LiLo Fires Kremlin Krotch Shots At Prime Stud ‘Bad Vlad’ Putin!” blares a headline in The National Enquirer. “LiLo’s suddenly aimed her fiery eyes at ‘Kremlin Krotch,’ telling pals she’s gonna bed AND wed notorious Soviet strongman Vladimir Putin — then be officially crowned… Read More

Lindsay Lohan Parents Take Blame For Daughter’s Substance Abuse 


Michael and Dina Lohan are finally taking the blame for their famous daughter Lindsay Lohan’s substance abuse issues. On the upcoming episode of “Steve Harvey,” the host says to the divorced couple. “Lindsay’s substance abuse struggles have been well-documented. She’s been in rehab at least six times. You guys, as… Read More

Lindsay Lohan Engaged- Latest Details 


We never thought we would see the day, but Lindsay Lohan is officially engaged! Lindsay Lohan Engaged- Get The Latest Information On The Star’s Engagement! TMZ is claiming the 29-year-old former actress is ready to tie the knot with her 22-year-old Russian millionaire boyfriend, Egor Tarabasov. Lohan and Tarabasov have… Read More

Lindsay Lohan Turned Down Harry Styles! 


Lindsay Lohan turned down…WHO?! Can you believe Lindsay Lohan turned down Harry Styles! The actress is opening up about the occasion, telling The Sun that the One Direction hottie randomly turned up at her hotel once. “I didn’t know it was him. “He was in a suit. I said, ‘Well,… Read More

Who Is Lindsay Lohans New Boyfriend? Who Is Egor Tarabasov? 


It looks like famous actress turned party girl Lindsay Lohan has a new man in her life! Who Is Lindsay Lohans New Boyfriend? Who Is Egor Tarabasov? Get All The Latest Details! The infamous troubled actress, who has been keeping busy traveling all over Europe, has taken to her social… Read More

Lindsay Lohan Broke: True Or False? 


Is Lindsay Lohan broke…again?! According to a new story in Star magazine, yes! But according to a RumorFix source super close to LiLo, nope! The gossip glossy broke the fabricated story on Wednesday, claiming that “the unemployed actress is spending like she’s on the A-list, and it’s finally caught up… Read More

Who Is Lindsay Lohan Dating? 

Still A Rumor

  Lindsay Lohan is teasing her millions of followers on Instagram after posting a photo of a mystery man! Who Is Lindsay Lohan Dating? Get The Scoop! The star posted a dark and blurry photo of a mystery man at what appears to be a romantic dinner. The photo was… Read More

Lindsay Lohan Bar Fight Rumor Not True! 


“They are sooooo full of it!” That’s exactly what Michael Lohan is saying about Radar Online and a recent report they published about his famous daughter, Lindsay Lohan. The site claims LiLo got into some serious trouble over the weekend after the actress allegedly “spat in the face of a… Read More

Is Lindsay Lohan Racist? 

Still A Rumor

Is Lindsay Lohan racist? That’s the question on everyone’s mind after the actress was allegedly spotted spouting racist comments towards a black bartender at Vbar in Greenwich Village, New York City. Although not confirmed, some sites claim that the incident happened when LiLo was under the influence of drugs and… Read More

Jax Taylor Sex With Lindsay Lohan: ‘It Was Good’ 


Jax Taylor is one naughty boy! Vanderpump Rules’ resident bad boy dished on his famous hookups during an appearance with co-star Tom Schwartz on Watch What Happens Live on Monday — and believe it or not, Jax has done the dirty with a flurry of celebrities! Jax Taylor Sex With… Read More

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