Kim Kardashian Look-alike Featured In Ray J’s “I Hit It First” Video 


Ray J has insisted that his controversial song “I Hit It First” isn’t necessarily about his ex Kim Kardashian, but the song’s just released video says otherwise. The three min and 39 second video features a Kim Kardashian double and makes multiple references to various aspects of the 32-year-old’s life,… Read More

Kim Kardashian Reaches Divorce Settlement with Kris Humphries 


It’s almost over!  The marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries that lasted 72 days has only taken a year and a half to undo. A divorce settlement between the two parties was finally agreed to on Friday in a Los Angeles courtroom.  Kim was present for the hearing, however,… Read More

Was Kim Kardashian Grilled On The Stand? 


If you read those supermarket tabloids, you may have been a story about Kim Kardashian being “drilled on the stand,” in a divorce hearing, where she is being accused of fraud. Well here’s the real story. Almost 18 months after filing for divorce, Kim is still married to NBA player… Read More

Lindsey Vonn Cheating On Tiger Woods With Kim Kardashian’s Ex, Kris Humphries? 


Is Lindsey Vonn two-timing Tiger Woods with Kris Humphries? According to Star magazine, yes! The tabloid claims the pro skier has been hooking up with Kim Kardashian’s ex-hubby for the last eight months, “even while Tiger was in the picture!” But here’s the catch–Kris wants more, so says the mag…. Read More

Kris Humphries Back In Hollywood 


Three days after his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, sat for her deposition, Kris Humphries is back in Los Angeles. The Brooklyn Nets player reportedly didn’t show up for the deposition because of his travel and practice schedule, but he arrive in Hollywood Friday and dined at the new restaurant/bar Aventine…. Read More

Did Lamar Odom Have Dinner with Kardashian Nemesis Kris Humphries? 


Kardashian collission? The word on the street is that Khloe Kardashian’s NBA husband, Lamar Odom, dined out on Monday night with Kim Kardashian’s NBA ex-husband, Kris Humphries. RumorFix has confirmed that the two basketball stars did show up at the popular NYC restaurant Catch.  However, the men did not break… Read More

Kris Humphries Kim Kardashian Divorce: No More Delays 


Judge Stephen Moloney has ordered the divorce trial for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries to start — no more extensions, RumorFix is reporting. The NBA star’s attorney, Marshall Waller, who reportedly wants off the case, appeared in court Friday on Kris’ behalf arguing that he wasn’t ready for trial.  Although… Read More

Kim Kardashian Gets Rid Of House Where She Got Engaged To Kris Humphries 


Kim Kardashian, who reportedly moved into a $11 million home with Kanye West, has sold her Beverly Hill bachelorette pad, RumorFix has learned. PICTURES: Kim Kardashian’s Beverly Hills Estate The reality star quietly transferred the deed on her five-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom to an undisclosed buyer, according to our friends at Trulia. … Read More

Kanye West’s Popularity Nose Dives Since Dating Kim Kardashian, Says E-Poll 


We have some good news and bad news for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Let’s start with the bad news. Since they officially began dating in April, Kanye’s popularity has dipped ten points, according to E Poll, which puts out E-Score Celebrity weekly. PICTURES: Kim & Kanye On A Shopping… Read More

Kris Humphries, JR Smith Trade Jabs Over Kanye West 


NBA star Kris Humphries took a verbal thrashing from fans during Monday afternoon’s showdown of the Brooklyn Nets versus the New York Knicks. Fans inside Madison Square Garden let the Nets forward have it, mocking his relationship with Kim Kardashian from the stands. But in the end, it was Humphries… Read More