Is Rob Kardashian Really Baby Daddy? (Video) 

RobKardashian Fixed

He has been sending out cryptic tweets suggesting that he has fathered a child. But the reality is that Rob Kardashian is NOT a father. The 27-year-old — who has been battling food and other addiction issues — was just playing a game with the media it now seems. His… Read More

Kim Kardashian At Center Of New Naked Photo Leak Storm 


It looks like more racy photographs have been released on the Internet. And this time Kim Kardashian appears to be the latest victim along with Vanessa Hudgens and Avril Lavigne. The images surfaced on 4chan and Reddit on Saturday morning before being hastily removed from both sites. Other possible victims… Read More

Kanye West Forces Kim Kardashian To Show Cleavage Get Lips Plumed?! 


It’s no secret Kanye West is a total control freak, but has Yeezy’s tendencies reached to a seriously scary level? If you believe anything Life & Style reports, yep! The magazine claims West is taking too much control on Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe, one “source” alleges that he is treating Kim… Read More

Kim Kardashian’s Famous Booty Has Wardrobe Malfunction 


Attack of the leggings! It’s happened to every girl on planet earth, but because it’s Kim Kardashian’s turn, it must be reported promptly. The reality star suffered a bit of a wardrobe malfunction on Tuesday while out with Kanye West. Kimmy was sporting a pair of black leggings when all… Read More

Kim Kardashian Lists Torn To Pieces Bel Air Crest Mansion For $11 Million 


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spent nearly two years ripping their Bel Air Crest mansion to pieces — and now that it’s bare bones they want to sell it and make a $2 million profit! Don’t you love America? Remember when Kimye bought the property in January 2013 for $9… Read More

Kim Kardashian Stands Up For Kanye West In Wheelchair Incident 


Kim Kardashian is sticking up for Kanye West after the whole wheelchair debacle over the weekend. Just days after her husband refused to continue a concert in Sydney until all audience members stood up, including a wheelchair-bound man who he allegedly did not know was handicapped, Kim has taken to… Read More

Wendy Williams Will Eat Crow  After Kimye Wedding Prediction?! 


Wendy Williams is going to have a pretty unappetizing first day back for her show’s sixth season Monday. The talk show host over the last few years repeatedly stated that if Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ever tied the knot she’d eat crow. While that’s a figure of speech, she’s… Read More

Kim Kardashian And Beyonce Feuding Again?! 


They love each other, they love each other not, they love each other, they love each other not… Kim Kardashian and Beyonce appear to be feuding again. At least according to Life & Style magazine, that is! Rumors of the two divas butting heads have been making headlines for a… Read More

Will Melissa Rivers Replace Her Mom Joan Rivers On Fashion Police? 

Still A Rumor

The E! Network is still un-decided about what to do with their popular show Fashion Police after the untimely death of main host Joan Rivers. But one solution could be for her daughter, Melissa Rivers, to take over for her famous mom and join fellow judges Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne and… Read More

Five Other Celebrities Who Battled Morning Sickness Just Like The Duchess Of Cambridge 


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second child and although they are delighted the British royal mum-to-be has been struck-down with morning sickness. Known as hyperemesis gravidarum — it is an illness that strikes millions of pregnant women and can result in vomiting up to 30 times… Read More

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