Is Justin Bieber Cheating On Sofia Richie? 


Despite ridiculous tabloid rumors reported by OK! magazine, Justin Bieber is not forcing Sofia Richie to allow him to cheat on her. “Old Habits Die Hard! Justin Bieber Demands He Can ‘Cheat’ In Open Relationship With Sofia Richie,” blares a headline on the tabloid. The famous singer allegedly told Richie… Read More

Justin Bieber Dating Sofia Richie, Terrified of Lionel? 

Still A Rumor

Rumor has it that Justin Bieber hasn’t encountered the smoothest sailing with his girlfriend Sofia Richie’s dad, Lionel. Star magazine contends that Lionel “doesn’t trust” The Biebs and is gearing up to confront the pop star about his intentions with his daughter. “Sofia is 18, so she’s old enough to… Read More

Justin Bieber Death By Electrocution?! 


Did Justin Bieber have a near death accident after trying to impress his friends by playing his electric guitar on a row boat during a party at his Toluca Lake home? “Danger ramped up when the star wandered onto a dock next to a pond, still strumming the plugged-in instrument,”… Read More

Justin Bieber Starring In Movie With Cristiano Ranaldo? 


“Is Justin Bieber gearing up to add ‘actor’ to his resume?! The singer is reportedly in final talks to star in a major Hollywood blockbuster, and if it all pans out, he’ll be playing a soccer stud alongside Cristiano Ronaldo,” HollywoodLife claims. Has Justin Bieber really set out to be… Read More

Justin Bieber Sex Tape Collection? So False! 


Does Justin Bieber have a sex tape collection? According to the National Enquirer, yes! But according to a reliable RumorFix source, nope! A supposed source tells the tabloid that The Biebs records himself during sex and then stashes the vids in a sacred spot within his mansion. “He loves to… Read More

Is Justin Bieber Friends With Sex Offender?! 


Is Justin Bieber friend with a convicted sex offender? According to RadarOnline, yes! But according to reliable RumorFix sources, nope! Rumors started brewing after The Biebs posted a random Instagram photo posing next to Jefferey Jones, who starred in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but is also a registered sex offender… Read More

Is Britney Spears Dating Justin Bieber? 


Britney Spears dating Justin Bieber? So False! According to OK!, “Spears knows what she wants, and it’s much-younger pop star Justin Bieber.” A source tells the tabloid that on top of wanting to “get closer” with Bieber, the pop diva is also “swooning” at the idea of collaborating with him and… Read More

Justin Bieber Death Obsessed? 


Is Justin Bieber death obsessed? So much so that the teen idol is already planning his own funeral?! The Biebs is said to be so consumed with the idea of death that he’s been finalizing his will and drawing up burial details. A source reveals, “Justin’s not himself at the… Read More

The Story Behind Justin Bieber Tattoos [VIDEO] 

Justin Bieber Tattoos

Justin Bieber has a lot of tattoos, but have you ever wondered what the significance behind the pop star’s ink is? Well, wonder no more, because the famous singer is spilling the details behind his body art in an new video interview with GQ. In spirit of full disclosure, The Beibs… Read More

Justin Bieber Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant Shocker! 


Is Kourtney Kardashian pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby?! “Kourtney Shocker: Pals Claim She’s… PREGNANT WITH BIEBER’S BABY” blares a new issue of Life & Style. “Kourtney’s Pals Say She’s… PREGNANT BY BIEBER!” the headlines further says, adding, “Justin can’t wait to be a dad.” The duo were first linked last… Read More

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