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Justin Bieber Gets The Last Laugh In Drake Bell Feud 


Justin Bieber got the last laugh in his ongoing feud with Drake Bell. The beef between the two started when Bell began constantly insulting Bieber on Twitter over a year ago. The Biebs actually never responded to his tweets, until now. The controversial singer crashed the former Disney star’s album… Read More

Justin Bieber Surprise Performance At Coachella 


Justin Bieber made a cameo at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on Sunday. The singer appeared onstage with Chance The Rapper to perform their collaboration “Confident.” The Biebs wore a black T-shirt and a blue bandanna tied around his neck. Shortly after the performance, Bieber tweeted, “That was fun.” On-again-off-again lover Selena… Read More

Selena Gomez Not Considering Scooter Braun As Manager 


With her rise to fame, Selena Gomez has decided to stop employing her parents as managers and hire an experienced professional instead. Her recent reunion with former flame Justin Bieber has led various outlets to believe that JB’s manager, Scooter Braun, is a candidate Gomez has in mind to fill… Read More

Jelena Fans Rejoice! Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Together Again In Miami 


Selena Gomez just can’t seem to stay away from Justin Bieber. The 21-year-old paid a late night visit to her seemingly on-again boyfriend at Miami’s Hit Factory recording studio Tuesday night. She looked sexy for her man, sporting a white crop top and a high slit black skirt. The Biebs… Read More

Just What Justin Bieber Needs – Another Brand New High Speed Sports Car! 


Who needs the speed of a Lamborghini or Ferrari when you can roll in a $2 million Bugatti sports car? That’s just what Justin Bieber — who seems to have problems controlling his need for speed and drag racing — just got as a present. “Uncle Stunna luv. My first… Read More

Joe Jonas Slams Justin Bieber’s Dad For Singer’s Downfall 


Fellow teen heart throb Joe Jonas is putting in his two cents on Justin Bieber’s bad boy behavior. In an interview with Scene Magazine, Jonas is asked about The Biebs and his recent downfall. “I think we all saw it coming,” Joe says, adding that parenting plays a huge part… Read More

April Fools From Twitter! Selena Gomez Pregnant With Justin Bieber’s Baby?! 

In one of the most shocking celebrity rumors to hit the web this year, Selena Gomez is pregnant! At least that’s what the Twittersphere was spreading on Tuesday. In an attempt to try and pull Hollywood’s biggest April Fools joke to date, Jelena fans around the world united to spread… Read More

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Booed By Canadian Awards Show Fans 


Apparently Canada doesn’t want Justin Bieber either. After numerous Olympic jokes between the US and Canada of “loser takes Bieber,” his home country doesn’t seem too proud of their brat-boy. At this weekend’s Juno Awards — the Canadian equivalent to America’s Grammys — the Biebs was up for Fan Choice… Read More

Justin Bieber Adds More Ink To New Arm Sleeve 


Justin Bieber just can’t stop when it comes to adding body ink. After upsetting global fans of street artist Banksy by getting a tattoo of his iconic “Balloon Girl” on his right forearm, the Biebs is already camouflaging it with even more body art. The 20-year-old unveiled new work by… Read More

Is Justin Bieber Copping Plea In His Egg-Tossing Case? 


Is Justin Bieber slowly putting is legal woes behind him? Published reports Wednesday claim the Biebs’ legal team is working with the LA County District Attorney’s office to hammer out a plea deal in his vandalism case. It would include a plea of no contest to misdemeanor vandalism charges and… Read More

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