The Story Behind Justin Bieber Tattoos [VIDEO] 

Justin Bieber Tattoos

Justin Bieber has a lot of tattoos, but have you ever wondered what the significance behind the pop star’s ink is? Well, wonder no more, because the famous singer is spilling the details behind his body art in an new video interview with GQ. In spirit of full disclosure, The Beibs… Read More

Justin Bieber Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant Shocker! 


Is Kourtney Kardashian pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby?! “Kourtney Shocker: Pals Claim She’s… PREGNANT WITH BIEBER’S BABY” blares a new issue of Life & Style. “Kourtney’s Pals Say She’s… PREGNANT BY BIEBER!” the headlines further says, adding, “Justin can’t wait to be a dad.” The duo were first linked last… Read More

Justin Bieber Stepmom- Star’s Dad Engaged 


21-year-old Justin Bieber is going to have a new stepmom, as his dad is officially engaged to his 28-year-old long time girlfriend. Justin Bieber Stepmom- Star’s Dad Engaged. Get The Scoop! TMZ is claiming Bieber’s 41-year-old dad, Jeremy Bieber, proposed to his girlfriend in St. Barts in front of a… Read More

Justin Bieber Nightclub Fight- Did He Start It? 


Justin Bieber is making headlines yet again for his involvement in a nightclub brawl- but this time his team is claiming he had nothing to do with what actually went down inside the VIP area. Justin Bieber Nightclub Fight- Did He Start It? Get The Very Latest Details! TMZ  is claiming… Read More

Justin Bieber Adderall Addict? 


Justin Bieber is getting extremely candid on various aspects of his personal life in the latest issue of GQ. Perhaps the most controversial part of the interview is his admission to taking Adderall. Does the star really have a prescription problem? Justin Bieber Adderall Addict? The star admits that his… Read More

Is Justin Bieber Ready For Marriage? 


Is Justin Bieber ready for marriage? Not just yet, says the pop star, but he is looking to find that special someone someday soon. “I don’t want to put anyone in a position where they feel like I’m only theirs, only to be hurt in the end,” the 21-year-old star… Read More

Justin Bieber Aaron Carter Fight Via Twitter! 


Aaron Carter is not shy when it comes to giving his thoughts on Justin Bieber! Justin Bieber Aaron Carter Fight! Get The Latest Details On What Set Carter Off! The star opened up during an interview on Oprah: Where Are They Now – Extra, where he ripped into Bieber for… Read More

Justin Bieber Mayan Ruins Mooning Scandal 


Justin Bieber is making headlines once again for this outlandish behavior, this time disgracing a Mexican ruins site with his bare bottom! Justin Bieber Mayan Ruins Mooning Scandal- Get The Latest Details! According to the latest reports, Bieber and his entourage were kicked out of the Mayan archaeological site of… Read More

Seconds Of Summer Justin Bieber Fight! 


A feud between Justin Bieber and 5 Seconds Of Summer is starting to heat up after the “Boyfriend” singer took to Twitter to put the boy band in their place! 5 Seconds Of Summer Justin Bieber Fight! Get The Scoop! In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the boy band… Read More

Kourtney Kardashian Sex With Justin Bieber Rumor 

Still A Rumor

Kourtney Kardashian sex with Justin Bieber — is it true or false?! Despite several denials from the mother-of-three, the reality star and “Baby” hit maker have been doing the dirty since October — the month that their alleged “fling” began. Pals close to The Biebs reveal to TMZ that although… Read More

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