Drake Gets Prayer Hands Emoji Tattoo 


Drake just got inked. The rapper recently sat down in Dr. Woo’s tattoo parlor chair to get a fresh set of ink. The LA based tattooist showed off his latest work in a new Instagram photo. One etching is of an inspirational quote which reads “Everything Happens for a Reason… Read More

Drake Parties At Lucky Strike Until A.M. 


Lucky Strike Bowling alley is becoming the celebrity alternative to going clubbing. Justin Bieber took over the Luxe room at LA Live on Sunday night for his buddy Ryan Butler’s birthday and on Tuesday night Drake brought his party to the Lucky Strike in San Francisco. An eyewitness tells RumorFix,… Read More

Rihanna Ditches Her Heels For Sneakers For New York Date With Drake 


Rihanna mixed chic with casual for her latest date with Drake. And for her rendezvous with the Canadian rapper at the Griffin Nightclub in New York on Monday she ditched her high heels for a pair of New Balance sneakers instead. But Rihanna being Rihanna, she also wore a stunning… Read More

Drake Did Not Mean To Say Rihanna Is Satan 


Good news for fans who want Rihanna and Drake to live happily ever after. Although the rapper flashed three sixes and Rihanna’s face on the screen during a Toronto concert on Monday night, he is setting the record straight saying he doesn’t think RiRi is the devil, RumorFix has learned…. Read More

Drake Flashes Rihanna’s Face With 666 


If his symbolism means anything, Drake thinks Rihanna is the devil, RumorFix is reporting. The rapper was performing at the OVO Fest in Toronto on Monday night when he began singing “Days in The East,” which he has admitted was inspired by his ex-girlfriend. During the song he flashed a… Read More

What Feud? Chris Brown Drake Team Up In The Recording Studio 


Could this be the moment fans of Drake and Chris Brown have been waiting for? The guys hit the recording studio Friday morning and there’s evidence all is well with the talented pair. Drake’s fan site Word On Road posted a photo of Brown in the middle of a jam… Read More

Jay-Z Refers To Drake As Woman In New Diss Track 


Jay-Z is firing back at Drake after the rapper recently dissed him during an interview with Rolling Stone in February. The 44-year-old disses Drake back in a new song titled “We Made It.” In the song Hov says, “Sorry Mrs. Drizzy for so much art talk,” Jay Z raps on the track. “Silly me, rappin’… Read More

Rihanna Drake Fuel Dating Rumors, Get Cozy In The UK 


Oh, Drake and Rihanna. When will these dating rumors stop? Probably never, because they just can’t keep themselves away from each other! The rumored-to-be-dating duo was snapped getting cozy at Zouk Bar in Manchester, UK on Wednesday. These photos are telling considering RiRi and Drizzy are rarely ever photographed together…. Read More

Flappy Bird Clone Makes Drake Edition! 


Flappy Bird is no longer, but fear not, because the game’s legend lives! The app, which features a little yellow bird dodging green pipes, was discontinued by the creator, but now fans of the app can continue to play a similar game with Flappy Bird Drake edition! Inspired by Flappy… Read More

Drake Apologizes For Rolling Stone Cover Rant But Still Feels “Violated” “Devastated” 


Drake must have done some soul searching since blasting Rolling Stone for putting the late Philip Seymour Hoffman on their latest cover that was originally supposed to belong to the singer. On Wednesday Drizzy tweeted out that the iconic magazine ” took my cover from me last minute and ran the… Read More