Charlie Sheen Hammered On New Video 


Just about the moment the team at RumorFix started missing good ol’ Charlie Sheen, he’s up to his old tricks again and gives us that fix some of us hunger for! The 48-year-old TV star was videotaped recently at a Taco Bell drive-through and he tells the people in the… Read More

Charlie Sheen To Get Married For Fourth Time 


Hellraiser actor Charlie Sheen is engaged. According to TMZ the father-of-five proposed to former adult film star, Brett Rossi, during a romantic Valentine’s trip to Hawaii Sheen — who has been married THREE times before — gifted Rossi with a huge diamond sparkler although no official date as yet been… Read More

Charlie Sheen Threatens To Harm Ashton Kutcher After He Bashed Him On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ 


Ever since Ashton Kutcher took over for Charlie Sheen on Two And A Half Men three years ago, the Warlock has been harassing him on Twitter. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday, Kutcher revealed he’s had an enough and thinks it’s time for Sheen to finally throw in… Read More

Charlie Sheen Denise Richards Make Nice — Exclusive 


RumorFix has learned exclusively that Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards called a truce in their social media war long enough for the Anger Management star to see his daughters. The relationship between the exes is so tenuous that it could explode again at any time. Before Christmas, Charlie tweeted to… Read More

Did Charlie Sheen Really Marry Porn Star Brett Rossi? 


Charlie Sheen announced on Twitter that he got married for the fourth time. But, many of us in the media are skeptical, well, because, it’s Charlie Sheen. Here’s what the Anger Management star tweeted on Sunday. According to RadarOnline, the “S” in the tweet refers to porn star Brett Rossi,… Read More

Charlie Sheen’s Hateful Holiday Message To Denise Richards 


Charlie Sheen is not feeling any holiday spirit. Especially towards the woman who helped out his extended family so much during 2013. The actor posted a crude message to ex-wife Denise Richards on his Twitter account. Denise famously took in his twins by Brooke Mueller while she was in her… Read More

Charlie Sheen To Phil Robertson: Shame On You! 


One of Hollywood’s most controversial stars is putting his two cents in on the latest controversy surrounding Duck Dynasty. Charlie Sheen is voicing his opinion just days after Phil Robertson’s controversial comments comparing the gay lifestyle to bestiality. “Hey Mallard brained Phil Robertson! you have offended and hurt so many dear friends of… Read More

Denise Richards Didn’t Deny Charlie Sheen Christmas Trip With Daughters, Says Source 


On Sunday Charlie Sheen tweeted a cryptic photo with an angry message about ex-wife Denise Richards. The post contained an image of a baseball bat the couple received when they got married in 2002, which has written on it, “Congratulations Denise & Charlie. June 15, 2002. Have a home run of… Read More

Charlie Sheen’s Publicist Manager Quit 


RumorFix has learned that Charlie Sheen’s latest public unraveling has cost him his closest confidants. Charlie’s long-time manager, Mark Burg, and his publicist, Larry Solters, have resigned, RumorFix has confirmed.  Larry described his relationship with the TV icon this way: “Working with Charlie is like hitting a grand slam with… Read More

Charlie Sheen Dating Bree Olson Look-alike 


Anger Management’s Charlie Sheen sure has a type — a wholesome looking porn star (if that’s possible). Charlie took adult star Brett Rossi with him to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to enjoy the Thanksgiving vacation there. He was caught in a lip lock with his lady love, who tweeted, “Finally… Read More