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Dr. Phil: RumorFix editor Richard Ayoub was the last reporter to talk to Russell Armstrong before his suicide.

Dr. Phil: RumorFix editor Richard Ayoub talks about 27 club. (Forward to 17:00)

Dish Nation: Justin Bieber's entourage writing a book revealing Justin and Selena Gomez sex parties?

Dish Nation: Are Jennifer Lopez' exes getting together to write a tell-all book?

The Doctors: RumorFix discusses Lindsay Lohan sobriety.

The Doctors: RumorFix discusses did Kanye West get an implant down there?

The Doctors: RumorFix answers the question "Does Ben Affleck think women are smarter than men?"

The Doctors: RumorFix provides a reality check for celebrities caught without makeup.

The Doctors: RumorFix talks about the gruesome fallout from Paul Walker's death.

The Doctors: RumorFix addresses Justin Bieber retirement rumors.

The Doctors: RumorFix spills the details on Madonna's son getting a dental grill.

The Doctors: RumorFix has details on the arrest of George Lopez.

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