Paris Hilton Wardrobe Malfunction

Posted on July 10th, 2013 at 10:55 pm

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  • Greg Denuel

    Almost looks like she was posing for the camera!

  • Beth Beach

    saggy baggy elephants rump , just looks like a deflated balloon !

    • disqus4u

      I would eat on that butt all day long……..and love it.

    • Jolie

      what does your butt look like?

  • idiocracyrules

    i think she likes to make an ass out of herself

  • disqus4u

    I would love to be her bicycle seat.

  • the amazingaro

    hmm malfunction I am obviously not living in the same world. I don’t see a malfunction

  • That’s it? Some voyeur takes 14 shots and we are supposed to be impressed…I hope you people did not get your mindless journalism degrees from major universities.

  • Felix de la Cruz

    Who cares she has the gift that keeps on giving (STD).

  • Kross Examiner

    Malfunction? Or maybe attention seeking. Got mine!

  • George

    Malfunction like ISIS getting 50 air strikes a month instead of 20000 air strikes that would kill those 30000 rapists

  • amunderground

    Helll just download her porn and see everything. That one overexposed behind.

  • Wow!! That is a beautiful car. Is it baby-blue?

  • rufus

    Really? really? a bikini bottom is far more revealing; and where exactly is the ‘malfunction’? Fail.