Nick Nolte Looks Like A Homeless Man

Posted on March 24th, 2013 at 8:36 am

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  • OK, we get it. The man has a problem. Whoever put on all those photos of Nick and the shopping cart has a problem too.

  • stvdel

    I remember seeing him on tv about a 5-6 years ago. He was taking mega doses of vitamins and supplements along with an exercise program to retard the aging process. So much for that.

    • rex remes

      I guess the ‘retarding’ part worked. 😉

  • dajuge

    Good grief’, sad to see such a fine actor dwindling away like this!

  • MH

    Awesome—– FU scumbags…..HA…HA…HA…HA…HA…HA…HA…HA…HA…

  • Chuck Doherty

    tell them to fu—–k off all the mf s nick one of the best

  • Chuck Doherty

    i hope one day all you photo ass holes live that long iam 82

  • Jimmy Carter

    Nick just himself private life no one not notice him around city. He not want the ppl bother him. He is make sense smart not homeless.

  • spares28

    why doesn’t someone reach out an find out what is wrong and try to help….

  • freudlemming

    The paparazzi are scum!

  • Shelby510

    The man is buying flowers – how do you know he’s not out getting groceries AND flowers for a sick family member. Who cares what he’s wearing? Perhaps Nick has decided he doesn’t need to impress anyone and should just live his life how he chooses. No celebrity deserves this level of derision or mockery for just trying to pick up groceries.

  • Bob Khan

    He’s probably just dressing like that to disguise himself so people don’t recognize him out in public, can’t say I blame him. Privacy is an awesome thing to have. I’d imagine the disguise works well for him, I seriously doubt anyone is going to bother a “bum” for an autograph.

    Check out his nice ride that has been pimped out with factory extras such as a sun roof and leather interior. Nothing wrong with Mr. Nolte, move along.

  • Fauntleroy

    I don’t think that is a picture of Nick unless he had a recent nose job to have it turned up to look like a pig.

  • Ruthie

    About 10 years ago, Nick asked me if I was “with anyone” while at a bar at a casino. He looked rather incognito then too. LOL. He was unshaven, messy hair, had a few drinks in him. I politely told him I was waiting for friends. I am at least half his age. Gotta give him props for trying. Seriously though…he’s just going to the store getting groceries. You should see how I step out of the house after I’ve been gardening…. who knows what he was in the middle of before he stepped out.

  • KoolKoala.

    Obviously desperate for privacy and anonymity.