Megan Fox Hot Bikini Body In Hawaii

Posted on February 21st, 2012 at 10:59 am

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Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green

    • Goosebroth

      bad thumbs

    • c h

      toe thumbs

    • Anonymous

      she’s got cottage cheese buns

      • Robin

        See picture 10-Smooth as silk. Are you jealous?

      • ilovejumpingjacks

        ive seen worse. but shes got more plastic than barbie soooo…..

    • Chris Berg

      Yeah, my last girlfriend, Belgiun, 5’11” had as good a body, went 7 years, then she broke-up with me.  Went 2 years, no girlfriend, kinda hard to replace the Victoria Secret bod, but 2 months ago hit the jackpot again.  I play ice hockey, stay in shape, and I’m a nice guy, so I turned some women down this last year, waited, and it was worth it.  Heading down to South Padre Island next week for a little R & R, parasailing, jet ski, before the Democrats completely destroy our economy.

      • Robin

        Luv your Democrat comment! And whose the head of the Democrats? Oh, and congrats on you newfound Lady. I had that bod in my twenties too. Lost it in my forties when I no lober exercise due to multiple sclerosis.

        • Robin

          …when I no longer could exercise…

    • Cwiakala

      Nasty tattoos ruined the feminine look of her ! EWWW ! And Austin too, way to many tat’s !

      • Drizztdude123

        omg… really? tats are a deal breaker? get real… tats are a fact of modern life, more and more people have them, grow up and get one kid…. it aint so bad

        • Charlescole14

          so hotttt…

    • Devarshi Bhatt

      to hot sexy hot……………

    • Devarshi Bhatt

      too hot mag]=