Lindsay Lohan’s Sexy Vacation Pics

Posted on December 13th, 2011 at 9:50 am

  • jiminy

    If she didn’t have boobs you’d almost think she was a boy!

    • Beer Angel

      but she does and they are nice.

  • BabaOhreally

    If you look closely, you’ll see that Lindsay is slowly morphing into Chaz each day.

  • Martin

    Chunky stuff

  • Sandythescot

    Is that me she is looking at?

  • Wildblues888

    She looks so much better with clothes on!

  • WannaKnow

    Is she still a lesbian?

  • H1of1

    Yall stop lying I’d do her and so would yall she’s got great boobs and when her hair is red she’s still HOT. To bad she’s a total dumb ass and will probably O D before we all get to do her but we can only dream.

  • Lewm

    why is she in playboy with that fat ass

    • Chi

      Fat ass? I think you meant flat ass.

  • arealhotbabe

    Saggy ass and all. I’m sure they had to do A LOT of airbrushing for one of Hollywood’s trashy-ist MM Club own.

    • buzz

      jealous ho

  • terry

    hey you all lay off I would hit that ass and don’t say you wouldn’t with all that money she has

  • Pooler_45

    I don’t get people’s fixation with this lady; she is just not hot!

  • Dccounters

    Like to spread that ass apart.

  • HeHe

    Skank alert!

  • Anonymous

    You know, since I learned that many of these photos are tweaked, I cannot believe what the camera shows here.

  • Garyj1083

    is playboy running out of hot looking woman to take pictures of this out of shape woman come on playboy are you losing your touch…..

  • Wayne

    LOL, you people call her fat?!?  Have you seen the average American woman?  Lindsay is a stick compared to most US woman.  Get over yourself.

  • Danika_lynns_mommy

    I don’t like the girl or her choices in life but I can’t believe these comments. How in the world is she fat in anyway? I agree she is a hot mess and doesn’t belong in playboy but she has a hot body. I’m sure most of these comments are from people that could only wish to have a body that looks like that…. Just sayin